Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm just jazzed about being on the show*

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I had a pretty busy weekend.  Friday, Vivienne and I took the day off  so we could go to the temple and then on to Marissa's wedding reception.  Then IKEA got thrown in to the mix, and then Ruth and Sister W. did too.  IKEA = very dangerous place.  Viv was getting a bed frame and dresser and I ended up buying new sheets, pillows and a duvet cover...oops.

We spent a long time walking around the showroom and we ate lunch there.  Good, cheap food.  I love Swedish Fries, they are just like the ones they used to serve us in high school.

Then we went to the temple and then on to the reception, which was north of Baltimore...for some reason, Viv and I had thought it was going to be in Northern Virginia.   Basically, we spent equal amounts of time in traffic and these various stops.

The ring ceremony was pushed back by 30 minutes because apparently we were not the only ones held up in the wonderful traffic they have up there.  Oh - also, it rained all day long, apparently there was a tropical storm or something?  The ceremony itself was beautiful.

Then there was the food - I mean, reception.  Our table ended up being the Richmond table.  We invited the photographer to sit with us and she was from Richmond too!  It was kind of funny. 

I annouced to the table that I officially knew I hated cucumbers and Viv took them. Then Renee asked if anyone didn't like tomatoes, and none of us did, so she got all of them.
We finally left the reception around 10 or so to drive back to Richmond.  We didn't get home until close to 2 am and I had to be at U of R at 7:30 to help with the special olympics.  I made it on time, and I wasn't too tired when I got there, but I wasn't sure how long that could last.  I was nervous at first about what to do, but then the races started and we went to the track and started cheering the athletes on.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing them smile or pick up the pace when they heard us cheering for them.  It started to rain during the first race (I think it was something like a 2 mile run) and the athletes were running the bends through huge puddles.  They just kept going though even though I knew they were soaking wet and so were their shoes.

The volunteers were trying to keep dry too.

We made ponchos out of garbage bags.  It didn't actually do much for me.

They delayed the games because of the weather so we sat in the basketball areana for a bit.  Then they canceled the games and released us all.  I was a little sad about that because this was my first year helping out with the Special Olympics and I wanted to do more.  They released us right before building clean-up was supposed to start, so we all went over there and cleaned that place in record time. Then we went to  "The Dairy Bar" for lunch to celebrate Lindsay's birthday.

I like how they did the straws
Then I came home and crashed for about three hours.  It was a much needed nap - but the dreams were incredibly crazy.

When I woke up I had several text messages - one was from Krystal telling me about a surprise party for Lindsay and Spencer.  I knew Lindsay's birthday wa Sunday but wasn't sure when Spencer's was.  I checked my phone to see if I had it and then I sent Krystal a text to ask her when his birthday was and then a separate text asking if I should bring anything.  I put my phone down and closed my eyes cause I was still waking up from my nap.  Then I got a text from Spencer saying, "Uh, what?" I panicked, I hadn't texted him in a while so why was he sending this text? I opened my phone and saw that I had sent both texts to Spencer...not Krystal!  I didn't know what to do, so I wrote back, "yeah, I talk about you..." then I just started rambling because I didn't know what else to do.  I ended up telling him that both of those were meant to go to Viv.  I asked him about it at the party and he said he was totally clueless, didn't suspect a thing.  I lucked out.

I like the giant fire ball on top of the cake...we all felt very safe...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to the seniors at Seminary graduation.  It was about as fun as stick thin boards beneath my fingernails.  I guess I should keep in mind that they are "done" with school and seminary and graduations and so they don't want to hear someone telling them to come to Institute.  But I had to try, and if I just get one person, it was worth it.  We will see.


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