Monday, June 3, 2013

Ssh! Hush please!*

Blog Bucks: Congratulations to Kat for getting the points from the last post!

January - 4
February - 3
March - 4
April -2
May - 2 (+1)

Total = 16

May - not a rough month exactly, but I am in a beast of a book.  Maybe not the year to try and tackle Atlas Shrugged.  I had told myself that when I read three books from my "to read" bookshelf (the real one in my bedroom) then I could go and buy some new books at Barne's and Noble.  This has now changed to "when I finish Atlas Shrugged I can go buy some new books" and maybe I'll shy away from Dune and Moby Dick this year.  Maybe next year I should make a page goal instead, because Atlas Shrugged is over 1,000 book.  I did nothing but read on my trip out to Utah and my trip back and I still didn't finish!

Falling to Heaven by James Ferrell
I really enjoyed this book and will be going back through it soon (because I went through it quickly to finish it in the month of May - Darn you Atlas Shrugged).  I would recommend it to anyone (and already have) to read.

Strong and Faithful by Quentin L Cook
This was a short one - I have a feeling I will be reading a lot of short ones to make up for the time (though I am told I am only 4 books behind - thank Atlas Shrugged - you are the equivalent of 5).  I read this on the heels of "Falling to Heaven" and he talks a lot about how great the women in the church are...whereas in Falling to Heaven he talks about how sometimes, hearing how great women are makes women feel like they are failing. 

The Peacegiver by James Ferrell

I reread The Peacegiver at some point, I would like to throw it in to April but something tells me it was March.  Thank goodness for Goodreads keeping track of things as well.  This is one of my all time favorite books and I had been wanting to reread it ever since I finished reading it the first time.  My brother gave it to me for Christmas and I had a great time reading and marking up my very own copy.  I also just realized that this is the James Ferrell post apparently.


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