Friday, June 21, 2013

Swing Away, Merrill.*

Last night was our Relief Society activity on Self Defense.  We started off with a lesson about spiritual self defense and discussed the Armor of God as mentioned in Ephesians.  It was a really good leason.  Then we cleared the floor and Brother Starns talked to us about physical self defense.  First he told us how to prepare, how to stay safe and hopefully that leads to NOT needing self defense moves.  You know - don't go to the city, alone at 2 a.m. (check).  If you do, take people with you (check - I'll be in bed at 2 a.m.), and always have a route and inform someone of the route, that way if something happens to you, they have a starting point of where to look. Then he started to show us simple things we can do should someone touch us.
Bop them on the nose...okay, he didn't say that, but throw them off a bit, there are plenty of sensitive spots on the head that you can hit and they will hopefully get the message that you aren't someone they can intimidate.

Believe it or not, Renee is not learning how to choke someone, but we were instructed right after this how to stop someone from choking us.  Put your fingers at their throat and push in that soft spot, this will give you more distance (try it).

Ladies - swing away with those purses.  They can be handy, non lethal weapons.  So can hair brushes held firmly in your palm and applied to the bone of their forearm.

Jenn showing us that even a short little thing can break someone's grasp.  All she has to do is push her arms up (which you think she couldn't do against this guy, but she could.

Ashley learning to be more aggressive. I mostly like the look on Bro. S' face here - like maybe he is in over his head now.

Showing us how to make the attacker take all your weight.  This will wear them out.

 Afterwards - we ate fruit.  Okay, okay, everyone else ate fruit.  I took pictures and avoided the blueberries.

We also practiced punching and kicking (my favorite) no pictures from this because I was busy punching, kicking, and yelling. 

Afterwards I went to the boys' house and this is where my "Hand of the Lord" moment comes from.  One of my boys is struggling with a decision and I had the opportunity to talk it over with him, and slowly, his roommates started to join us.  While we were talking I had the thought that he should get a blessing, if for nothing more than peace and clarity of mind.  I don't know why I hesitated to suggest it, but I did and realized that people suggest it to girls all the time, but how often does someone suggest to a boy that they should get a blessing? So he asked his roommates for one and then I asked if I should go (cause blessings are personal) but he wanted me to stay and take notes so he could focus on the feelings he would get.  The blessing was very simple, and I took notes, but the "hand of the Lord" moment came when I looked up at the three of them during the blessing and realized what amazing friends I have.  I am incredibly lucky to have such worthy Priesthood holders who are amazing examples to me, and on top of that, I know they each care for me and would be willing to help me if I needed it.  These boys have been there for me through some pretty rough times and I know that the Lord sent them to me just when I needed them and I am fortunate enough to keep them in my life. So it was the daily "hand of the Lord" but also a reminder of how the hand of the Lord has been there all along.


G Sauce said...

Marvin! Love that guy! There are self defense things that he taught years ago that I still remember.

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