Friday, December 13, 2013

That's more than a name, that's an attitude.*

I've been MIA in the blog sphere. I feel really bad about that, really, so to make up for it I'm going to post a lot of pictures that I'm not in.

As you know, I got engaged and Matt and I have set a date for March.  I've been getting things ready for that. I am very excited to start my life with my best friend (my best guy friend, clam down Amber).  Right now is just the waiting part (yes, there are things to get in order before we get hitched - but still, it's mostly just waiting).  

I also am starting a new job...any day now.  I applied internally to leave HR and go in to Regulatory Compliance.  I was offered the position back in October but am just now training replacements.  One started Monday and the other person starts next Monday.  Yup - two people for me.  Not really, but my job is split between the two, just one will do more of my job than the other.  So no more chair or light bulb counting, or moving chairs, or dealing with the blasted ping pong table or scheduling conference rooms.  Granted that wasn't all of my job, but these are just parts where I wondered what I was doing with that fancy four year degree I spent five years on...(just kidding, I was like, one semester late...)

Anyway, I am very excited to hand that off and to start something new.  I am excited to work with my new boss and coworker, they both seem like great people.

We had a baby shower for my sisters this past Saturday.  Yup "sisters", they are both pregnant and due within a month of each other.  I'm excited for two more nieces, I just don't know if I'll love them as much as I love the others - but I say that every time another one is about to come.  I will apparently be starting my career as a child photographer when they are born - I have been commissioned to do a shoot.  I have been looking at poses and such so if anyone has any favorites I will accept suggestions.

By the way - Grandma Teddy Cat gave her an empty ice cream cone.

What else...

My friends asked me to take some photos at their wedding reception (don't worry - they hired a real photographer for the actual wedding).  If they like what I took - I get a pack of Ukrop's mini cupcakes (they asked what I would charge and that's what I charge....hint hint Martha...).  Anyway - I was pretty nervous but ended up having a good time.  Here are some of them.


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