Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Code, we're the good guys now.*

I hate change.

It’s as simple as that.

Change = calamity

Change = frustration

Change = well…change

I bought Diego from the dealership a few years ago. I tried to get my dad to talk me out of giving in to the salesman and buying a new car and all I got was, “Well, if you want a new car it’s a really good time get one.” This from Mr. 4.333 budget man. Since I didn’t really care either way, I haggled a bit with the salesman. I got him to get me a refund on what I had just put down on the old car and found some monies in other places. In the end, I ended up with Diego and free oil changes, tire rotations, state inspections, and car washes for the life of the car.

So in January I was upset to find that the dealership I went to for said free amenities had changed ownership. I received this news via email a week before the change was to occur. They assured me that my benefits would still be honored here. Despite that assurance, when it came time at the end of January for an oil change I looked for a similar dealership where they would be honored. I found one that was equal or closer distance to my house and filled out the online form for an appointment. I checked that I preferred email communication and hit submit.

I never heard back from them. Life got busy and I kept putting off calling the old/new place. You see, I hate rejection in all forms, so I get anxiety when having to call someone on the phone. I much prefer email and online communications. So today I finally remembered to contact the place, but found I could do it online. So I went online, went to the service department and filled out the form. Half an hour later, Willie Jones is calling me saying he’s received my credit information and they have 2012 Altima’s available. I was confused, it sounded like maybe he was trying to sell me the make and model I already own. I called him back to hopefully clear up the confusion, but not before looking at the confirmation I printed off and looking at the site again to make sure that I hadn’t accidentally clicked on ‘sales’. Sure enough, ‘Service’. He never picked up.

A little annoyed, I went back to the Mechanicsville site and tried again. This time I clicked that I wanted a phone call, that way I couldn’t accidentally miss the email (which I finally decided MUST be what happened). I didn’t even enter my email address…no more than twenty minutes later I had an email from that location. I THINK I have an appointment set for the 12th, but after stating what time I would like he stopped emailing me. Could this be any more ridiculous? I just want a free oil change!

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