Monday, March 3, 2014

Tell them the horizon is an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it.*

It snowed today!  We found out at 9 a.m. that our office was closed - luckily I had already decided not to be a hero (boss' snow day motto, "don't be a hero").  I'm hoping that by posting these snow day pictures (which aren't all that exciting because I am all alone suffering from cabin fever) you won't notice how few books I read this past month.

I saw this little creature in snow today so I thought I'd get some shots....this is the only one where he wasn't super blurry.

Now for books

January = 4

February = 1

Total = 5

Weakness is Not Sin by Wendy Ulrich
This book was pretty good.  I know a lot of people who beat themselves up and I think this book addresses those fears and insecurities that people might have.  Here's a quote I sent to a friend:

 "I realized that my weakness was not in my unwillingness to make sufficient sacrifices, which is what I expected the Spirit to whisper.  My weakness, the one God wanted me to humbly bring to Him, was my unwillingness to receive God's grace as enough.  Even if God does not spare us hardship, He can spare us despair.  The comfort and sustenance of the Spirit can truly be enough if we will let them in.  My problem is less my struggle to sacrifice and obey and more my struggle to receive."


So that's it - I only read one.  I hit a bump in the road when the person whose library card I use to access library books got a fine and I got restricted.  I think we should take a moment to consider how our actions affect other people...just kidding, I should probably go get my own library card.  I've added it to my "to-do list" that I never seem to accomplish.  Hopefully I'll finish a book or two before next month's book post.


Lacee said...

Got your invitation in the mail last week. :) Are you registered anywhere?

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Ha! Not the comment I was expecting but still good. Yay! It made it :)

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