Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When we are married, will you dance with me? I find dancing very agreeable.*

In the process of turning my house into a home, I have been going through boxes of things that have been packed up since the day I moved in. Several months ago I decided I would do this because the things in those boxes have either sentimental value or none at all. I’ve gotten rid of A LOT of stuff but I’ve also found a lot of good stuff.

For example – these guys

Timbear, Cupcake and Beansie.

Beansie actually came up at Sunday dinner. Kat asked Chewy if he knew of her but he didn’t. I believe he ended up describing her as a, “creepy binkie with eyes”. ‘Binkie’ because she was a security thing for me, well I’m not certain she was security, but that’s how Kat kind of described her.

Another thing I found was a list that my roommates wrote back in 2002 in college to describe my future husband. Mostly they listed my qualities. But for fun – let’s go through the list and see which ones Chewy meets.

  1. Tall (Check)
  2. Brown (dark) hair (Check)
  3. Creative
  4. Clean (Check)
  5. Sign Language
  6. Hilarious, good sense of humor (Check)
  7. Athletic
  8. Driving "piece of crap" car (Check)
  9. Wants to live back East (Check)
  10. Michigan (I'm not sure what this means)
  11. Picky Eater
  12. Big Smile (Check)
  13. Reserved, but when comfortable is outgoing (Check)
  14. Likes T-shirts, skater shoes
  15. Brown eyes
  16. Computer tech
  17. Listen to rock music and wide range of music
  18. Writes poetry (how he'll propose)
  19. Nice hands but doesn't touch wrists, no big veins (Check)
  20. Family is going to hook you up (Check)
  21. Goofy dancer (Check)
  22. Touchable hair (Check) 
12 out of 22 ain't bad.  Especially since number 10 doesn't make any sense. 

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G Sauce said...

That list is so ridiculous and funny! I love it.


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