Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm THAT aunt...

I'd like to tell you a story about why I probably shouldn't be allowed to be a youth leader:

At the beginning of December, the Mia-Maids were making ornaments for our weekday activity and someone asked what everyone would be doing for Christmas.  I told them how my brother and his family were coming to town.  Then I couldn't help myself, I became that aunt.  The one who talks about her single nephew (despite that he's 15 here, not 30) and how great and cute he is.  I told them how I had been brainstorming how to get him to our ward so they could meet him (my parents and siblings all go to the same ward on Sunday and then there's us).  I realized that I may be biased about the attractiveness of my nephew so I pulled up a picture and let them judge.  Instantly girls started to ask if he would be at the dance on the 30th, which he would already be back in Oregon for.  I think it's safe to say they agreed with my assessment of his looks.

After that it kind of died down.  There was no way to get him to casually be somewhere to meet my Mia Maids.  I got to spend a great week with my family and got to know him even better than before and ladies, he's a catch (there I go again, the embarrassing aunt).  I told his mom and then him about how I showed his picture to my girls and how they wanted him to be able to go to the dance and he decided that maybe coming to our ward on Sunday morning might be worth the drive.  Sadly though he woke up sick Sunday morning and didn't go to church with anyone.

That Sunday I taught the Mia Maids (teaching the Sunday after Christmas while pregnant and having felt like throwing up until two minutes after class started doesn't make for a happy teacher).  I flashed the lights, I cut off side conversations, but eventually just gave up and trudged through my lesson - uncertain if I made sense or got through to anyone.  Time came for the closing prayer and I asked for a volunteer.

Crickets. (At least now I know how to get them to be quiet).

"You'll get a jump start on your 2015 blessings," I said.

Trina perked up and said, "I heard if you say the prayer you'll get a hot husband."

"Speaking of hot husbands," I said without too much thought beforehand.  I then told them how my nephew was going to come to church with me but he came down with a bug and couldn't.  They all said that next time he's here he'll have to come and I promised we'd make it happen.  Then I said, "But, I will give him the number of whoever volunteers to say the prayer."

Several hands came up then and one girl in particular jumped up out of her seat and took her place at the front of the room to say the prayer (to say she is competitive is an understatement).  She folded her arms but then leaned toward me and asked if I was serious and I told her I was.  Then she said the prayer.  Then all the girls who hadn't seen his picture wanted to see it (including the girl who jumped up).  She asked if he dressed's funny what a 15 year old finds important in the opposite sex.  Another girl asked if it was a full body shot....It was too strange to question - so I didn't.

So at dinner that night I told Devin what I had done (apologies).  I gave him her number and a picture so he'd know who he was talking to and then I just asked him to let me know if/when he texted her so I would be in the loop.  Chewy and I were glad it was this girl, when we thought through the Mia-Maids she was one of our top choices (you know, if we really were in the business of setting him up).  We'll get that boy to move to Virginia eventually...

I'm not sure if I did a major no-no as a leader, but so far I haven't been reprimanded by anyone.  But I am certain that the idea of auctioning off a boy's number each time I need a volunteer probably isn't something I should get in the habit of doing.

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