Friday, January 2, 2015

And In With The New

Here's to 2015.  For my personal theme this year I'm actually going to steal the mutual theme.  "Oh ye that embark in the service of your God".  I want to be more service oriented this year and I want to drag the young women down with will built character.  Last year we worked at the Special Olympics, I want to do that again this year but also to have more opportunities with them and on my own to give back since I have been so blessed.

Now...the year of not so difficult goals.
  1. Have a baby!  Yes - I'm cheating.
  2. Read 20 books.  Originally I set it to 30, but Chewy convinced me to go for 20 and finally read "Dune" and a Wilkie Collins book.
  3. Complete at least half of Personal Progress.  The program is a little lighter for leaders (thank goodness - I completed it when I was a young woman and the program was a little harder).  I've made a deal with one of my girls that she has to complete the Honor Bee while I complete my personal progress.
  4. Study Scriptures.  If I'm doing personal progress this shouldn't be too difficult for me.  But I let it slide last year (I still read I just didn't always pay attention) and I want to be better this year.
  5. Budget (for real!) - with a baby on the way I figure time has run out.  I can't just make budgets and such, I have to use them.
  6. Exercise Regularly (meaning at least 3 times a week).  I'm getting fat (yes, I know it's pregnancy) but exercise is good for labor and delivery and it will be good to already be in the habit when it's time to do it for weight loss.
  7. Start doing family home evening.  It's not something we are just going to be able to pick up when the kid is three so I expressed to Chewy that I want to get in to the habit NOW.  Even if that means just reading the Sunday School lesson for the following week.  This is a tough one because it doesn't just depend on me.
  8. Daily individual and family prayer - Something else that has slipped.  Chewy and I pray together every morning but we are tired at night and I don't think either of us is great at individually praying.
  9. Journal writing.  I always mean to be better about it and I write sometimes and wish I would just write consistently.  Blogging doesn't count.
  10. Eat less sugar! It's definitely something I've been on lately.  Even as I type I'm thinking about the Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the cupboard...
Wish me luck!

What are some resolutions you guys have?

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