Friday, January 2, 2015

Out with the Old

So I'm pretty sure I failed at my goals for 2014 - but let's take a look anyway.  

  1. Read 50 books - I got pregnant...yeah, I'm going to blame that. I got close with 37 but that just doesn't turn this thing green.  Well, I can change it from ted to yellow
  2. Writing - I went to that conference and I talked to an agent...I didn't pitch though, I lost my nerve.  But I asked if I could send my manuscript to her when it's ready.  I finish (sloppily) writing Riverknot, but am now in intense revisions to make the book an ending I can sleep well with.
  3. Photography - I've done my photo challenges with Katy, and that's helped me to take shots and think about creative shots that I wouldn't have gone for normally.  I also took 6 month photos for Nora, family photos for the Smith family Christmas card (and Grandma Smith's calendar) and at the last minute was pulled in to be the photographer for the Donbrosky (all of the Donbrosky's) family photo and longest photo shoot for a pregnant woman who has to pee.  
  4. Don't Text and Drive - I have actually gotten MUCH better at this, I just still have room for improvement.
  5. Money Management - Uh.  Well, I am almost completely out of debt, thanks to Chewy letting me live off his income.  We've been working together on getting finances straight and I already have our budget and checkbook ready to go for, maybe at the end of this year it will be green.  Oh - that's my goal.  Green in '15.
  6. Be Grateful! Despite having LOTS to be grateful for - pregnancy has made me crabby.  I have had moments of trying to remember to be grateful, and I have been expressing my gratitude to Chewy for being a champ during this difficult time.  
  7. Temple Attendance - We did really well until the temple closed for the whole month of September for cleaning and repairs.  Then we went in October and I almost passed out/threw up in a very white room and we had to play it by ear in November and December and that ear didn't incline us to go.  We are getting back on track in January though. 
  8. Increase in learning and faith - I got a calling with the Young Women - I think this has helped me to stay a little more focused on this goal, but at the same time, I've really let personal study go down the drain.  Which is not surprisingly something on the new list.
  9. Home Improvement - Chewy built a porch! First time ever, on his own, and I helped sometimes by holding things in place and such.  I also got a Maddox (aka my newest favorite tool I've ever owned) from Chewy and I took out Comcast and Verizon (plants in our front yard that I couldn't get rid of by other means).  After I have this baby and am cleared for hard physical labor, I plan to take out Google the big plant in the back yard that wouldn't budge before....I'm coming for you Google.
  10. Food storage - Does it count if it's in my belly? No? Didn't think so.  I honestly forgot that this was even on my list and I hate a lot of food right now so I think this will have to wait until I'm feeling closer to 100%...however, we did buy a BJs card  - so that's something.
Overall rating.  YELLOW.  But I don't feel like the year was a bust.  I mean, I got married, I got preggers, I started a new job, got promoted, make lots more mulah, have a boss that believes in me, I am gaining confidence in my calling and despite that these girls terrified me at first, I really do like them now.  Oh - and I survived Youth Conference, on a hot bus, with loud teenagers who forced me to yell.

I really can't complain and I don't feel like I've failed at all just because I didn't reach my goals.  To me, it's important to set them, but things happen.  Like not feeling up to reading for about two months when I was so tired I just came home and laid down on the couch.  So, here's to 2015, may it be just as productive as 2014, if not better.

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