Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I just have a lot of feelings.*

The sun is out! I already feel better then yesterday! Sorry to everyone for my moodiness lately. Hopefully we are over it as Spring is here!

I was watching 30 Rock last night when it suddenly hit me that I am Liz Lemon.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.* The episodes are short, so I watched more then one last night. In one episode her friend takes her out to a bar or club so she can meet people. A guy comes up and asks if the seat next to her is taken and she goes off on him about how she shouldn't have to move her coat, there are plenty of other seats. Her friend says, "He wanted to buy you a drink." and her response is, "I already have a drink, do you think he would buy me cheese sticks?" or something like that. It just seemed to be, well, me.

She's the buddy with the guys, she doesn't eat like a grown up does, and she doesn't get out much. Then there was an episode where she is dating this guy and she is talking about all the things she doesn't do. As she was rambling on I thought, "I don't do a lot of things either." I just felt suddenly that I relate to her.

In other news...a week and a half until the 10k. Am I ready? Heck no. Kathryn and I are going running after work - as if I needed anymore evidence showing how far from ready I am. I have an event filled weekend coming up (mostly due to my awesome roommate, Elaina, my ambassador of fun). There's a picture scavenger hunt and a picnic at the park and maybe a movie at the Byrd (though I really wasn't trying to invite myself to that one, I just mentioned I hadn't seen the Blind Side though I think it is Sherlock Holmes playing Saturday night for the Organ man (the guy who...plays the organ...why does it seem so obvious now?) The Organ guy is raised up on a platform that comes out of the ground and he plays before the last movie on Saturday night. If you look off to the left at the piano up there, it starts playing on its own. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it so I hope that it all actually works out. Mostly, I'm hoping the rain keeps it's ugly face away from my weekend so I can go on a picnic and picture scavenger hunt, oh and go to Hollywood Cemetery because I love that place (I'm not as creepy as I sound).


Sarah said...

I KNOW that quote!...but I don't know from what...:( And you make me laugh. :)"I'm not as creepy as I sound" I don't know, I just thought that was funny

Sarah said...

Mean Girls!

She doesn't even go to this school!

The Rookie said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog. I'm officially a semi-non-creepy follower of yours now. Oh, and I SO feel like Liz Lemon. I too want someone to buy me cheese sticks but would rather not try to make small talk!

Oh, and I adore the movie quote/titles. I don't know this one, however.

Nick and Marianne said...

hey Liz Lemon! your second qoute is from Seinfield.

Elaina said...

::hahaha:: now you know why i often take the weekend off and just lay on the couch watching 30 rock. you also know why i went through the dying my hair brown to match liz lemon period of my life. lemon is a rockstar. any who, it sounds like your roommate is pretty freaking awesome.


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