Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So it begins*

Training has begun for the 10k. It's funny, I haven't been running in a while but when my feet hit the pavement last week it felt right. Yesterday morning and this morning weren't bad either. However, this morning I had a vision: It was the day of the race, we are two miles in and I can see Kathryn fading in the distance and I'm thinking, "This seemed do-able three weeks ago." ...or maybe this was a memory from last year's race. Race day always seems harder then any training day. I think the thousands upon thousands of people running around me mess me up. I need an open stretch of road so I can set my own pace and focus on immovable objects to run towards...I don't need anyone slowing me down, causing me to move to the right or left when there is an available space to move, or to have people passing me by - leaving me to feel like I am going too slow.

Anyway, let's move on to life now.

Highlights from work today:

First thing this morning we sat in front of the window and admired the rainbow.

It's there, over to the left...look closely. It looked cooler in real life.

Later this morning...Conversation between Wanda and me:

Me: Blah, Blah, Blah (something important I'm sure)
Wanda: I'm not ignoring you, I just stopped listening.
Me: Isn't that the very definition of ignoring?
Wanda: Shut-up, you know what I meant.

Highlights from last night
Chubbers found out we have a cat living in the house. He doesn't get out much, or interact much with smaller animals (or any) and I don't know if he wanted to play or kill, but Amber said I could let him into her room because she felt it was time for Sassy and Chubbs to meet. I didn't feel comfortable with the idea but she assured me that all was well. Sassy ran for under the bed, and despite seeing this Chubbs felt the need to sniff her out. He got distracted by a toy mouse and the bowl of cat food, but soon he found the portal to Sassy's hiding place. Amber felt certain he couldn't fit so we let him sniff around, but suddenly it was as though he was being pulled through a black hole!! I swear his body just disappeared and all I could see and grab hold of were his hind legs. I screamed - which I want to say is unusual for me, but I am beginning to wonder lately. I don't know if I screamed because he quickly began to disappear, or if it was because I feared for Sassy life. I know now, that I am clear minded, that I would have hated if anything happened to Sassy, especially at the paws of my pup. I dragged him out of the room but the rest of the night he kept trying to find a way back in there.

Highlights from my trip to The Wal-Mart

Yes, that's a dog in the driver's seat. Hope he has his license.

As I was leaving The Wal-Mart I had a brief encounter with a man sitting in a car near mine.

Car man: Are you a nurse?

Me: (Worried he might be hurt and I might have to help) No, sorry.

Car man: Well, you look like one.

Me: Well my mom's one.

Car man: Really?

Me: Yeah.

Car man: Well you look like one. I mean, you look quality.

Me: Thanks! You have a good night!

Car man: You too.

I told my roommate this story and she said that I was hit on at The Wal-Mart...seriously? "Are you a nurse?" is a pick up line? If it is then I think I have proven once again that pick-up lines have no effect on me. Maybe it's my super human power, to be completely oblivious to this stuff.

I also made a friend in the parking lot, an old man who couldn't find his car (and neither could I) we found our cars at the same time. No one ever talks to me at the Short Pump or Parham Wal-marts...who cares if this one is ghetto, they are a lot nicer then the West End! Shutting up now.


Amber Lanae- said...




The shark attack never gets old! That's a memory for life!

Amber Lanae- said...

Another note! Elaina's blog reminded me...you were supposed to make me something within a year...

I think you missed your deadline...

Back to studyin!

AbrahamNee said...
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Anonymous said...

So I was reading your two recent posts, and one of them had a related post link to this one. Recognizing the quote instantly, I figured I might as well check to confirm that somebody else had already placed it. But they hadn't! It's an epic line at Helm's Deep in LOTR:TTT.

I decided to read the blog entry even though I could've just gotten the bucks and run with them, but lo and behold, there's your story about Wanda ignoring you that you've told a couple times recently! Amazing. I take it that Chubbers DIDN'T eat the fluff ball, though?



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