Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're dead, we survived but we're dead!*

This past weekend I ran the Monument Avenue 10k. It's the fourth largest 10k in the country...which is funny, because back in high school I ran it when it was just beginning, and it wasn't that big. I think someone told me 37,000 people this year...but I'm too lazy to fact check, so this whole paragraph could be bogus.

This is my fierce face...yes, I'm smiling, it's a curse. But I'll crush you. I went into the race thinking I would walk most of it, because in "training" I was a weakling. My feet hurt, which caused me to run wrong, which made my shins hurt which made me want to give up and die on the side of the road. So Saturday morning I was not expecting great things. There is something to be said about being surrounded by thousands of other people thinking the same thing..."I'm going to die." Amazingly enough our collaborative weakness strengthens us.

The champion of the group was Kathryn, I knew she had it in her so I channeled my strength to her. She wanted to beat an hour and I wanted her to do it. Knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to keep up. Those little legs sure do pack a power stride...who knew? My time was 1:03 and some change, or 63 minutes. I beat my time from last time by 6 minutes. Oddly enough, Kathryn beat her time by 6 minutes too! She got about 54 minutes I believe. She's my hero, my short, little hero.

I think everyone in the race did a great job. Everyone I knew beat the time they thought they would get. I like these pictures of Kathryn and Amber because I think they represent at least 30,000 people on Saturday.
I was feeling a little energize after the race. We went to breakfast, as is tradition, and then Amber and I went to the store since we were already out and about. We stopped by Lowe's and I picked up some gardening goods. Tulips and gardening gloves. It's amazing, I've never done that before (I'm not much of a gardener). I got home and got to work. We put bird seed in the bird feeder and then I prepared to plant the tulips.
Exhibit A: the weed ridden patch of land right outside of my front porch.
And afterwards, I dug up as much crap as I could...and I found a grub of such size that I nearly vomited. But I made it through okay, and here's the finished product:
I had a few more tulips so I ventured to the backyard:
Isn't she sassy? And yet a little sad.* Add a little tulip magic and walla!

Friday night at Target I picked up two little things for my house. The first one was for Amber, for her birthday, but she said she had enough of them, she just liked it for my house. So...still working on a good gift. I really like this though, so I didn't cry that she didn't want it.

And then I just kind of like this guy, so I bought him. Impulsive? Yes.

After gardening...or maybe it was Friday night, it's all a blur, I put them up on the walls. In the living room as you face the kitchen, a little reminder.

The other one I put up in my room, and I thought I took a picture...but I didn't - not that this post needed to be any longer! Tami...does this satisfy some of your picture needs?


Vanessa said...

Wow, you girls are CRAZY! You rocked your time and I'm in awe. This chick does not run, probably not even if my life was on the line.

I like your new additions to your house! Super cute. I love Target, I could spend forever in there spending every dime I have.

Martha said...

INCREDIBLES!!! Dash says it after the plane explodes and they land in the water.

Sarah said...

oh target...how i love thee :)

Sarah said...

Hey I'm a newbie at the whole garden thing this year too. We should start a club. :)
hour and 3 mins, nice!

The Ottley's said...

Although it was a commendable effort... I still need more pictures. I'm talking pictures of YOU in your home with YOUR things. Do I ask too much?
I'm so proud of your running skills! Remember when we ran the Midnight 5K? I was just looking at pictures from that.


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