Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's no place for you here in the future!*

I've been gone a while. Have no fear, I didn't die. I spent all weekend moving into the new house. I still love it, even if the water smells like sulfur.

Life has been pretty busy. I just had my fourth class last night of the PHR course...boring. But I like the second module better then the 1st. Probably because the second has to do with staffing, recruiting, job descriptions, etc. Stuff I actually have experience with.

Last week we had 8 people leave the company, talk about a busy time for HR! People kept walking by and asking if I was busy, even though they knew I was. I couldn't decide what kind of emotion should react to that. Should I laugh? Get angry? What? I mean, in the words of my old roommate, the Dragon, "what's your purpose?" Instead I ended up just saying, "yup," with a smile. Terminating people seems to have become one of my daily activities. We knew we'd have the eight terms that week, it was just a matter of who. Some were expected, others were surprises, and one I was in denial about. I still am, even though she is gone. With that I have some added responsibility (in the interim) which has made work life even busier. Scheduling travel and conference rooms, overnight packages, etc. Nothing too major, but it's still there.

Basketball season has technically ended, we are now into the tournament and our team is ranked #1...this is a huge improvement from last year. Last year I think we teetered on last place and many of the teams probably wondered why we even bothered playing. We had good players, we just didn't work well together. This year is much better. Obviously, we rank number 1. We've only had one loss, but even though we lost that was one of the funnest games.

Bryan has been out on the mission for 8 months now. It's funny, the first 6 months go by really slowly and then all of a sudden two months have passed. I can't believe that it is already March! Didn't we just start this year? I am still revving up to begin my New Year's Resolutions...now it looks as though I am behind. Dangit.
This weekend is Alice in Wonderland on Friday! I am so excited.

Then Saturday I plan to make some improvements around the house, including fixing the bathroom mirror and power washing the deck...the deck depends on the weather of course. I am excited for it to be Friday already.


Vanessa said...

I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland!!

Katie H said...

Field of Dreams?

Congrats on the house! :)

Lildonbro said...

Good job Katie, and thanks :)

G Sauce said...

Try running the water for a little bit.


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