Monday, March 29, 2010

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.*

Some time in the night: I had this dream where I am in an office building roughly 3 to 4 stories high and I am looking out over 64 East or 95 South, it's raining and right in the middle of the road there's some massive water. I don't know how it just happens to be this one spot when the rest of the road looks okay, but here is mother nature's ten foot deep swimming pool. I watch in horror as a white truck, followed by a Toyota Camry attempt to cross. The truck seems to do okay for a bit, and then it starts to sink. Somehow I can see all around, like looking at a fish bowl and I see the truck bob up and down for a little and then finally sink to the bottom. The Toyota didn't stand a chance. I have an incredible view of all the roads in the area and they are all flooded in spots.

Then enter the bad guys, ugly dudes, who are after us for some reason (did I not mention my little band of unlikely survivors?) Memory gets spotty from here, but I'm pretty sure one or two of the people I'm with get picked off. Somehow we get away from these goons and head for some house somewhere, making sure to avoid the watery death traps along the way. We get to the house and we run upstairs to pack a few things, we're getting the heck out of dodge. Then one of the ugly goons comes in and I have some kind of rock that I beat into his mouth (I don't know why, seemed logical at the time). I lodge it into his mouth, but keep my hand on it because it's the only thing that can beat him. He starts to breath out as hard as he can and it turns out he has the super human strength of lava breath. I know that the rock is heating up because it is turning molten red, but my hand is not burned. I whack him in the mouth and head a few times, there's blood on the rock and I head for the doors, I tell the people we have to go and we have to go now. But we are missing two more, I don't know where they went. So we get in the car and the driver starts going towards the interstate and drowning is not my exit of choice so I start telling them we have to go another way.

Suddenly we are in a park, inside a tree and the rock I have is actually a key. So I put it up to this hole in the tree trunk and it closes up, and then I can control the tree from inside of it. Like I put my arms in the branches and then I can lean forward and swing the branches around...very effective tool against ugly goons. Then there is this beeping noise and I roll over and grab my cell phone, 6:15 a.m. first alarm. I hit the snooze button and go back to bed. I hear my roommates talking and I check the phone again, 7:40...crap. No more ice cream right before bed.

I get up, get ready as fast as I can. I turn on my computer so I can listen to music while I go and I notice Bryan is online...that's weird, he's across the world and I've never seen him online. I know he's probably e-mailing his family and I also know it's probably against the rules for me to IM I don't, but it puts me in a weird mood. I put on my boots and walk my dog out to his runner. It's raining, the backyard is flooding and I keep thinking of my dream. Chubbers put up quite a fight about being out on the runner (he's got the shed to hang out in too so I didn't just leave him in the rain). I get back to the house and see mud on my black work pants. Curse you mud.

I go to the kitchen to pack my lunch, even though I am running late. I grab the bread from the cabinet, it hits the box of opened spaghetti noodles and they fall all over the counter. I pick them up quickly, grab a pack of crackers and throw the bread back in the cabinet...I'll buy lunch today. I hate Mondays.

Note to reader: pictures and stories from this weekend to follow...I just had to vent.


Sarah said...

Office Space :)

Katie H said...

I love the part where he asks his neighbor if anyone ever says that, and his neighbor says, "Naw, man. I do believe you'd get your a-- kicked if you said something like that." Amen.

Sarah said...

mud is never a fun way to start your day! hopefully your day gets better!

Amber Lanae- said...

I have two full thoughts...the rest I can't hold onto long enough to type them out.

First: My roommate's imagination is out of wonder she writes so well.


C$ said...

Definitely no more ice cream before bed!


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