Friday, July 30, 2010

It was tough man. T-U-P-H.*

The well people were supposed to come out today and take a look. I have looked forward this Friday like I've never looked forward to a Friday before. I left the house thinking, "Today's the day, the water is going to work, it's going to smell nice, life is good."

I was sitting at my desk around 10:00 a.m. when my dad called. He said that the well people called, there was an emergency so they couldn't come today. Dad said something about the soonest he can talk to them is Tuesday, I don't know what that means...that they can't talk, or he needs time to recover from being stood up by the well people. My only question was, "Is what I have not an emergency?" I means seriously folks, I was without water, a bone dry faucet! When the water did come back it smelled like still smells like sulfur. What other kind of emergency is there? Did I count as an emergency last Thursday when the water wasn't coming out? If so, why was I told to wait a week?
My dad was already at my house when he called, so he took the liberty of mowing my lawn. I asked him if he got stung by a bee and he said 'no'...lucky. He said he was watching out for them though. Last night this neighborhood kid came by the house to see if I needed yard work done. I told him to come back in a few days, mostly because we had just had a rainstorm - don't mow the lawn when it is soaking wet. When I shut the door I wondered if I should warn him that there might be a beehive in the backyard (I did tell you all that I got stung AGAIN didn't I? On the ear, it swelled). My home teacher, Spencer, was over and I asked him that question and he said, "No, you let him find that out." I don't know, seems cruel, but would the kid still risk it? We may never know now. I may try to mow the lawn again, since Dad made it through unharmed.

I'm very sad about the well. I ate a bunch of graham crackers because I was so upset.

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