Thursday, July 29, 2010

They should have a disclaimer that says "Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery While Reading This Blog.*

I have taken creative liberties and slightly altered the quote that is used in the title.

Today is the great catch up day. Actually, it's more like, "Let's put a dent in it" day. I have been bad about blogging and even worse about reading blogs, my Google Reader this morning was over 70. This shows that I haven't read in a while...or that I follow way too many blogs. I went through and clicked on the ones that I had no intention of reading, the ones that are random and to me, not real people blogging (you know what I am talking about? Like Postcards From Your Mama" or something like that).

The other day I got an Facebook e-mail from Cassie who said that she was reading the blog but unable to leave comments because of the word verification. Sad day, I thought but took comfort that she wanted to leave comments. It wasn't until today that I realize I could do something about it, especially with the comment moderation. I had started using the word verification because I didn't want that strange Asian person with their Oriental characters that link to bad places commenting on my blog and possibly spreading viruses. Word verification didn't stop him/her but it is apparently stopping Cassie, so Cassie - I am pretty sure I have turned that off now. I still have comment moderation because A.P. is still leaving weird comments, but the word verification is off. Sorry Martha, sorry Joanna, I know how much joy is derived by the random stream of letters that we try to pretend are real words.

Last night as I was driving to go play Frisbee and was stopped at a stop light I looked around at the buildings. Something about downtown fascinates me. I'll have to start taking pictures so that I can post them for all to see and then maybe someone can help me figure out what is so fascinating. I would say it's the architecture, but that's only in some parts of the city. Last night I was staring at a building for a couple of seconds before I finally read the business sign, "Adult bookstore", I immediately looked away. Great, now to all the cars around me I'm the creeper who was staring at the Adult bookstore. Isn't it funny though, they never have another name - there are tons of them in Michigan/Ohio area up by my dad's family and they all just say "Adult Bookstore" you don't see, "Martin's Adult Bookstore" no family name or anything, I mean, it makes sense, who really wants that kind of family legacy? Anyway - not the point, the point was, as I averted my eyes I looked to the other side of the street and there was Puritan's dry cleaning. I chuckled, the Puritans across the street from the adult bookstore. Why is that so funny to me?


Vanessa said...

Girl, I wish my google reader was down at 70 unread posts. I obviously follow too many blogs and get behind quickly on reading.

I got rid of word verification on my blog a few weeks ago. I think it makes it easier to comment. I hope no A.P.'s start commenting on mine.

& that fact that adult bookstores and puritan's are across from each other on a street? Hilarious.

Sarah said...

julie and julia? only movie I can think of about blogs.
Puritan cleaners across from an adult book store, now that is funny!

Lildonbro said...

Disclaimer - the blog part is what I changed. The original quote says, "while watching this show".

Cassie said...

I'm touched, that you would mention me personally in a blog. let alone one with A.P.'s, A.B.'s and the P's. Plus a shout out to my state the big O.H. only A.B.'s can get out of here anytime. Did I ever tell you there's an A.B. on the same street as the Temple in Columbus. . . it's really creepy.

Sarah said...

Oh nice, NOW you say something! :)


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