Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fish are our friends.*

...Zebras are not
Zebras are greedy little buggers who will eat feed from a bucket...or Amber's shirt. We were both screaming and Amber was like, "Honk the horn! Honk the horn!" and I was screaming, "Roll up your window!" she didn't cause it was one of the only rules she remembered. Turns out another one was DON'T FEED THE ZEBRAS...oops.
Today was another day of adventuring. I went to visit Amber in Lynchburg and we drove over to the Natural Bridge.

BIG tree.
The Natural Bridge. I haven't been here since I was a kid, so it was great going there again.
Amber - her first time there.
They had a little Indian village up the trail a ways and they told us a lot of Native American history. Like how there have been women chieftains.
Mountain goats! Ah! I decided to face one of my fears today. The mountain goat. This guy jumped up on a wall and stared me down...not cool. But I gave him a Ritz cracker later.

I couldn't help myself. We didn't go to the haunted monster museum, but this sign was great.

On the way to the safari place we saw Foamhenge...a foam replica of Stonehenge. Pretty sure there isn't a plastic replica of Merlin at Stonehenge, but that's ok.

The safari is where you have a bucket of feed and you drive through this park with a bunch of wild/tame beasts...such as this one
Handsome fella.
The beasts would just come up into the middle of the road and block the way. You can see the different kinds of animals here...notice the dino (ostrich- seriously, they look like dinos with their creepy eyes and T-rex feet) back behind the zebra.
So we fed one of these things and LATER realized that they were ALSO on a list of animals to NOT feed. It was scary, we had one on each side of the car and we were screaming and honking the horn...we did that a lot it seems.

Don't let these cute guys deceive you, they are just as greedy as the zebras...but they are too short to practically climb in your window.

He was scary. He's on the do not feed list...I can imagine why anyone would feel comfortable enough to feed him from their car, but he was just standing in the middle of the road, getting close to cars and licking windows.En route we came across this dinosaur and cave woman just sitting outside of a little convenience store...being a tourist I took a picture with it.

And this is why Virginia rocks.


Katie H said...

Finding Nemo.

Awesome adventure!

Sarah said...

ok, you got some really freaky animal pictures. Very cool trip.

MaryAnn said...

Being a fan of The Natural Bridge, I love your photos and your story! If anyone wants to go and stay and get a great deal, packages start at $81 for 2 people; (I'm going soon and can't decide which of the many fun things to do in just 2 days).

Vanessa said...

Fish are friends, not food! Love Finding Nemo!!

Looks like so much fun! I've fed wild horses before and they would not get their heads out of the car. That would probably explain all the "Do not feed the wild horses" signs everywhere. But for future reference, they were big fans of cracker jacks!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Just posted your blog post on our FB page:


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