Thursday, August 5, 2010

You did it, buddy, you kicked water's butt!*

The Well people finally came (yay!). Two weeks of mineral filled sulfur water really makes you appreciate the days that the water smelled good and didn't cut your cornea (true story - well, almost true, but I got a dirt speck or something in my eye and it hurt pretty badly).

So here's the 4-1-1 from my hero - Dad.

First things first...I will now have to be careful with the hot water from now on. It's not the minerals, it's not the well, it's not the sulfuric smell that makes you want to upchuck (yes, I just said upchuck like we're in the 90's) it's because today my dad is turning up the hot water heater. Apparently it was set to the 'young children and elderly' setting (and they are allowed to smell like sulfur) and the well guy said that the sulfur smell isn't coming from the well but rather the hot water heater reacting with the minerals. He said that if we turn up the hot water heater the sulfur smell should go away in a few days (I intend to go run a bunch of hot water to speed this process up). The well guy told Dad that if you put water into a cup it smells like sulfur for a bit and then dissipates and is good...I said to Dad, "Tell him to tell me that when he is washing his face with the stuff." True story.

Anyway. So they say that I have plenty of water in my well, there was a decrepit piece on the pump which they replaced. They said something about it being like a hose without that piece working properly so that it was pushing up sand and such into the water which was getting past the filtration system and causing the water pressure to be lax. So that should fix the mineral deposits in the water, the water heater should fix the smell, and now my dad is looking for the company to services the filtration system (because apparently I have one of those snotty ones that require the original installer to come and doctor it) so that our water can be the best that it can be.

I am happy - I'll be happier once I know that the filtration system has been taken care of, but one step at a time.


Martha said...

YAY!! Now I will be able to wash my hands when I come see your 26 days!!

Gibson Family said...

I finally get to be the first to guess the title quote. Sid said this to Diego in Ice Age the Melt Down...YAY for me!

Lildonbro said...

Yea! To both comments! P.S. Katie, Mason is too tall. What are you feeding that kid? And...Jill isn't a baby anymore!


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