Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Boy.*

Last night I was driving home from work in the rush hour traffic and I decided to stop while the light was yellow. On a typical day I would go through, being one of the last to make it through the light and then feel guilty about it because I hate when people do that. But last night I didn't do this. Plus, it's nice to be the first car, you aren't stuck behind anyone and you are just enjoying the music as you drive along. I'm glad I did that.

So I was sitting there barely paying attention to the cars rushing past us across Staples Mill Road when all of a suddenly these two guys come walking across my view pushing an orange VW Bug.
Sadly for the driver my first thought wasn't, "Oh that sucks for him" but rather I smiled...That just doesn't happen everyday. It was good to see that the woman in the turning lane next to me was smiling too. Everyone waiting at our light seemed to patiently watch them creep by, and then they were done and I was left with a view of a line of cars backed up, blocking the intersection. But no one looked frustrated, no one honked was strangely serene.
A few seconds later and the guy who had been closest to me, pushing the Bug ran back across headed in the other direction with a smile on his face. This was the first time that I had looked left, and saw a car blocking the lane, other cars moving around it. I watched as he ran to this car blocking traffic with it's hazard lights on and got inside. He took the hazards off just as the light turned red. I looked to the right and saw the man with the orange Bug sitting safely in the parking lot of the corner gas station. I smiled wider, the one man wasn't the passenger in the orange Bug, he was just a good Samaritan, helping out a fellow commuter. I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the stranger man who did a good deed yesterday and lightened somebody's load (literally). May we all have a little more courage when we see someone in need, whether it's pushing their car to the gas station or going up and talking to someone who looks like they feel out of place.


Vanessa said...

I know have "Let's Hear It For The Boy" by Deniece Williams in my head! Love that upbeat song!

It's good to know there are good people still out there. I had something similar like this happen to me, except I was the passenger. My best friend picked me up for church, we got off the exit and she ran out of gas. Pulled into the nearest parking lot that was abandon. After crossing a busy intersection a few times trying to get a gas can, filled said gas can, and then get back to the car just to realize the gas can wasn't a car gas can, we were stumped. This was before the days where we had cell phones. A guy showed up and asked if we needed help. While my best friend was in the driver's seat to steer, this guy & I pushed the car across the intersection. Nobody was angry and everyone waited. We made it to the gas station and headed inside to pay for gas with the guy. Paid and turned around and the guy was gone. We never even got to properly thank him. We never saw if he had a car or anything. There truly are good people in this world!

Joanna & Ben said...

I hate to admit this but I got a little teary eyed. Just when you think that everyone has turned to crap you get a nice story of someone being nice. We all should be less afraid to help others out. And yes, I say afraid, because sometimes it is never know...


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