Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've been shot!*

I was going to write "I've been hacked!" but that isn't the quote and I've seen what happens to the guessing when I change the quotes. I would have gotten guesses for movies about computers, and that's just not where it's from. So...anyway. I've been hacked! Thanks Sarah for bringing it to my attention.

My hotmail e-mail took on a mind of it's own and started to e-mail some link to everyone in the contacts list. Since I no longer use my hotmail account I had no idea it was happening. So I signed in to over 2,000 new e-mails (almost all junk, maybe four or five were from real people and those were to tell me I've been hacked). I had failure to deliver notices up the wazoo, so I could tell when an e-mail had been sent...I even got the e-mail (because apparently I had myself in my contacts list...I don't know what that was all about).

Anyway, so I composed an e-mail and just sent it to everyone in my contacts I know that I actually don't know everyone in my contacts list (I don't know where they came from, but I've seen names I don't recoonize) I threw in a stranger clause at the end. Here is what I said:


It has come to my attention that my e-mail has been sending out spam. I don't even check this e-mail so you can imagine that I am upset that it has taken on a mind of it's own. I apologize for it's delinquency. In any case I will no longer be using this e-mail address (since I haven't really been using it for over a year now anyway). If you need to contact me, or would like to get back in touch my e-mail is (removed to prevent further spam). If you are receiving this e-mail and don't know who I am, that's fine, I probably don't know who you are either. In that case, let's just pretend this never happened. Thanks everyone!

So, that should take care of that. ...I hope.

In other news, in an effort to go green (which usually just means - spend less money and bulk up our profit) my company has decided to give us our choice of a coffee mug or a water bottle. Being the non-coffee drinker I am I went with the water bottle (plus, I already have a mug, it's holding my discolored sweatarts). Anyway, I got my water bottle today, and the sad thing is, it's probably the highlight of my morning. I was so happy, I went and washed it and filled it up with water and while I was walking back to my desk my arms were swinging, I was smiling, and little cartoon birds and squirrels sang a happy tune.

Yup - despite the e-mail hacking life is good.


Sarah said...

yeah, I liked your stranger clause at the end, it seriously made me laugh....also the cartoon animals singing made me laugh...I didn't actually hear them, just you writing about them made me laugh....just wanted to make that clear...

Joanna & Ben said...

vewy intawesting....I hop I never get hacked. Anyway, the water bottle would have made me super happy too. I love little things out of the ordinary. And the quote is from Hook.

Vanessa said...

I'm sorry to hear you were hacked. But so glad a water bottle has brightened your day! It would totally brighten mine too. 8)

The Ottley's said...

Because THAT's not weird at all! If I got an e-mail like that... I'd think you were crazy! :)


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