Friday, January 21, 2011

After we watch "The Bucket List," remember to cross "watch 'The Bucket List'" off our bucket list. *

I feel like my friend, Erica, whose last blog post stated that she has a bad habit of writing blogs but never posting them. I decided to go through my drafts and delete stuff I will never post. While doing that I found this one from November and thought I would share. So put on your tinted glasses that give you the feeling you're in a flashback:

(Original date set to post on 11/17/10)

Today we set up the Christmas tree at work, we have good reason for doing this so early - Angel Tree. Pam and I got to work setting it up and she decided that we need Christmas music. A song sung by Charlotte Church came on and the following discussion ensued.

Pam: She's dead (well, she said more but I can't remember)

Me: Dead? What happened?

Pam: Overdose I think.

Me: I had no idea she did drugs.

Pam: I think that's what it was. (turning to Amy and Valerie) Google Charlotte Church.

Me: Yeah, if you're working, stop what you're doing and check up on that for us.

Valerie looks it up for us while we continue to work on the tree. In the meantime Janine and Jon come in.

Valerie informs us that Charlotte is not dead. I repeat, she is not dead, she does have two children though. This gets Janine and Jon into our conversation where Janine, Jon and I start to talk about an unknown film that Charlotte was in (I believe it's called, "I'll be There").

Jon: She did go through a sketchy phase, she dated football guys or something.

Me: ...sketchy

Pam: That's not what I expected.

Me: (shaking head) Football guys

Jon and Janine leave and then we pull out the ornaments. Enter The Christmas Pickle.

Me: I can't remember the point of this.

Pam: (To Amy and Valerie) Hey! Google it!

Valerie finds an alternative source of where the Christmas Pickle originates, a civil war soldier who was starving and asked for a pickle as the last thing to eat, but he finds strength and lives out the war.

Me: Impressive since they're really just humiliated cucumbers.


G Sauce said...

Easy A - Just saw that movie! Loved it!

Sarah said...

Easy A. LOVE That funny...T, T,TTTTTT T, T haha!

Martha said...

Humiliated cucumbers! LOL.

Doesn't Joon in Benny and June call raisins humilated grapes? (Do I get points for that?)

Ashley said...

I've never written a blog post and then left it sitting. I'll have to do that more. Then maybe I'll write whatever I feel like!

p.s. I never ever know where your quotes come from so I'll never get points. I think I did recognize one from "Hook" once.

Lildonbro said...

Yes Mart, you get points for that :) I was hoping someone would make the connection.


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