Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trade you a cookie for a smile!*

One of my rare responsibilities at work is to clean out old workstations (someone has to to do it otherwise how will the be clean for a new hire?)

Over the years I have found some pretty interesting stuff (and some lame stuff too like a box of tissues...woohoo).

In my own little way to keep the resigned employee close to heart (or this could be because I collect junk) I hold on to some of the treasures. Such as this:

The Krispy Kreme snow globe. Since I like Krispy Kreme I figured it fit me well, plus it's so dang cute. Had this been at home it would have probably got tossed in one of my random cleaning moods where I chuck anything that doesn't seem to be important or of any use to me. But since it is at work it's still here!

I have found a random assortment of pens, highlighters, and rulers (some really cool). I have found candy, crackers (who knows how old they are), an 8 x 11 black and white picture of some soccer mom with her feet off the ground as she gave her kids high fives (I'm assuming they are her kids). I found one of those things you squeeze to make your hands stronger and a protein shake cup. I even found a sweater once.

Note to reader - I have not kept all of this stuff!

Yesterday I found this.

I also found within myself some kind of desperation I had not known before. Apparently my goal of reading 50 books in a year has me a little nervous and I for a split second, a split second, no longer, I considered reading the book. Luckily the desperation past quickly, though the book is still in my workstation, why? I can't bare to throw away books. I will take it downstairs to the book exchange in the hopes that some person will give it a home.
Another note to readers: I don't support Nicholas Sparks (movies and/or books) mostly because, to me, "A Walk to Remember" was a sore disappointment. There was a moment in the film when he could have had me, I would have gone to the store and bought ten of his books the moment the film ended and then...he did it...he left an opportunity to make me bawl my eyes out unseized and I lost all desire to have anything to do with his story telling. ...just like the movie "My Sister's Keeper" never change the ending of a book to make yourself feel better about your movie! ...sorry, stepping off the soap box now.
So...I doubt people have the same job responsibilities I have, but maybe with roommates or something you've found strange or cool items left behind? If so, what's the strangest and/or coolest thing you've "inherited"?


Ashley said...

You won't read it because the movie ruined the ending?? haha I'm confused. For some reason I won't read anything Nicholas Sparks - except this book. I loved it - and cried my eyes out.

Sarah said...

I got a blow dryer once. Living in a sorority with 70 other people afforded you lots of opportunity to get left over items. I think I also got some drawing paper. :)

Lildonbro said...


Ashley, I won't read it because I was disappointed in the movie. I felt certain that she was going to die when he was setting up the telescope, rather she lived to cross off pretty much everything (if not everything)from her "bucket list". I know that sounds morbid to be disappointed in that, but it would have been more true to life and would have broken my heart...I would have thought, "Man! What a great story teller" instead I thought he destroyed the true ending of the story to make it all happy in the end kind of thing...if that makes sense.


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