Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gone to California, to live in the summer sun.*

In 16 days I'm going to California to see this girl:

Mur and I were roommates in college for three years. We ordered lots of pizza and watched lots of Gilmore Girls. We also did crazy stuff like slide around in the snow in the mostly empty parking lot one night, threw cake over the banister, stalked Creepy Nate...

She is the first person who questioned if I am Caucasian...but hasn't been the last (most recently Joanna and I were asked if we were from "here", assuming VA we said 'yes' and then the lady said, "You are American?"...must be the bushy eyebrows).
I got a voicemail from Mur the other day saying how excited she was that I was coming and that her family is even asking. Mama Busath wants me to stay at her house...why? Because I'm awesome and made her a get well card once with a picture of me holding an icicle

I told her to take care of herself...and I would take care of Mur.
Good times.

I'll also have the opportunity to go here:
I have been here twice. Once to walk around the outside with Mur and her dad. The other to sit outside with Mur's sisters while she got married. Now I will get to see the inside.

I am so excited!

I even bought new luggage for the trip (okay, okay, so that was more a need to do since my luggage from college has/is disintegrating).

See ya soon, Mur!


G Sauce said...

Which Temple is that?

Lildonbro said...


Nick and Marianne said...

I'm so happy!

The Ottley's said...

Hey! That's the west coast... come on up!

Gibson Family said...

The WHOLE family is excited for you to come. I had no idea you made a get well card for mom... OMG that with the picture, too funny. Seriously...thanks for the laugh


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