Friday, February 18, 2011

'Do you miss it?', 'What? You're talking?'*

I just learned that the Boka Tako Truck will be in our work parking lot today for lunch...
...I've never heard of Boka Tako and being one to avoid the city I haven't seen many trucks like this. But it makes me think of Mur's husband, Nick (The cupcake eater) because he's got a lot of ideas about food on wheels. So - this is my Friday morning shout out to Mur and Nick. May you one day realize your dream of food on the go. As for me, I think I'm going to start a Krispy Kreme truck - a little mini store in the back so that the hot light is always on. People will flock to me...maybe.

I had krispy kreme last night...3 or 4 - I can't remember, the whole night is a blur (just kidding) but really, I ate way too many doughnuts. My friend and I went after Frisbee and he bought a whole dozen. He kept telling me to eat so I obliged him (because eating doughnuts is so very torturous). That's the problem with being friends with guys...they can eat more and they burn that stuff off faster but they don't think about that, they just expect that you can do the same. My taste buds said 'thank you' but my gut said that I'll pay for this...dearly.

But considering that I had basketball practice followed by an hour and half of Frisbee I think I'll be okay, just can't let this be a habit.

Other than that, life is going well. The weather is beautiful here in Richmond and I am wearing a short sleeve shirt February. I am as happy as can be. Seriously, it doesn't matter what is going on, I am just happy right now. My job is super busy but I find I leave work everyday feeling productive (despite the fact that I can't get my "to-do" list to shrink most days). I am proud of the company I work for; we just had a communications meeting on Wednesday and we've got a lot of good stuff going on, we just opened an office in Arizona and those people were here this week training, I feel like I am taking on more responsibility all the time which is exciting because in the past I have felt over qualified for my job, oh and bonuses are coming up.

Other good stuff - I started running again this week, we played Frisbee twice, I had basketball practice and a game on Saturday and a group of us might try to play soccer on Saturday...I don't really play soccer, but I am looking forward to it. This weather has just done wonders for my physical activity and mental well being. I finally bought Inception - I love that movie, so tonight I will do laundry and watch that. Oh...and as much as I love my job right now-it's a three day weekend.


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