Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I didn't know you could read.*

Since I copied my '50 books in a year' goal from G - I will go ahead and copy her way of updating readers on how that goal is going (hope you don't mind G...if you do...sorry).

January - 4

On Writing by Stephen King - My sister and brother-in-law bought me this book for Christmas...because they believe that I am a writer! I'm not going to lie, when Ben (BIL) mentioned that he was thinking about getting me this book, I cried. It could have been the stress of the well and holidays, but I think it was more because what a thoughtful and personal gift? And from a brother-in-law no doubt! I loved this book. He talked about his life and how he became a writer, he talked about style and editing, and my favorite was when he talked about certain aspects of writing and I thought, "Amen! I agree!" Can I suddenly whip out a novel in five days? No. But I feel more like a writer than I did before, because I think similar things about important stuff, i.e. plot, just like Stephen King.
Trusting Jesus by Jeffrey R. Holland. I bought this book last year because 1 - it's Holland, what's not to like?! 2 - My serious theme last year was Come Unto Me and the main focus was learning how to trust in the Lord. So, I may be a month behind, but it was still a good read. It's a collection of talks from Holland, some old favorites and some new ones too.

The Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe: Two books in one! (I double checked this with B.I.L. Ben that I could count this as two - cause it is two books). So you will probably see this picture again next month when I finish The Claw of the Conciliator. Interesting read, not one to be entered into lightly - mostly because as with any book like this there are big words that I wonder if I just don't know the meaning...or if it's because they are made up. But there were times in the book where I was totally lost in the story and even though mere days go by in the story line I felt like much more time had passed. I had my critiques, but over all I enjoyed the book.

Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier: I started this book on a Monday and finished it Friday. It was a quick read and I couldn't put it down. I think the author did a great job and I really felt for the heroine of the book. I don't know what I can say that won't be a spoiler alert or anything...so I'll leave it at that. Just know I really enjoyed this one and if you want a quick read that just draws you in this is a good choice.


Martha said...

Harry Potter? Malfoy says it.

G Sauce said...

Alas the difference is that you put a little more into your reviews of the book.

As for the quote, I swear it is in like 5 movies but I can't think of any of them.

Evan Orwin said...

I had to finally participate in your quote game...Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!


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