Thursday, February 3, 2011

Even this chocolate peanut butter tastes better*

Dear Turkey Hill,

Has anyone ever told you that you do ice-cream real right? Your competition has wooed me from time to time with promises of deliciousness only to let me fall so hard. Certainly the disappointment I felt in their product's quality was only heightened due to my excitement as such a prospect (let us not forget the debacle of Blue Bunny's Peanut Butter Cookie ice cream).

I bring up these difficult memories to enhance my display of gratitude to you and your truly delicious flavors. Like a Pavlovian dog I salivate when I see a Turkey Hill ice cream container. I know that what lies within is just as beautiful and promising as the carton suggests. Peanut Butter Ripple? Gingersnap? Even your vanilla taste better.
I am inclined to believe that some "head of flavor" in your company does not eat chocolate or has someone close to them that doesn't because when you take on a non-chocolate ice-cream you don't just carelessly toss the ingredients into the bucket and stick a price tag on it! Your gingersnaps were marvelous and just soft enough to blend in with ice cream (the way that cookies IN ice cream should do! Yeah, I'm talking to you, Blue Bunny!), your Peanut Butter Ripple isn't vanilla ice cream that got splashed with a puddle of peanut butter on a rainy day in the city, rather it's a beautiful marriage between the two flavors, neither being too overwhelming to the consumer.

I just wanted to thank you for improving my quality of life with your thoughtfulness, hard work, and devotional. Keep on keeping on* Turkey Hill, you're making the world a better place.


Seventh Heaven Ice Cream Consumer


Sarah said...

That's how I feel about the Tillamook Mudslide ice cream. you wouldn't like it because it's chocolate on chocolate with chocolate, but about yummy!

G Sauce said...

I agree!

Joanna & Ben said...

Those flavors look yummy...I'll have to try them.
While You Were Sleeping

Katie H said...

while you were sleeping - one of my favs.

("if your pants fit me, i will kill myself...")


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