Friday, February 25, 2011

The world is a mess and I just need to rule it.*

Tuesday night at Institute we were given a piece of paper and an assignment to create our own world. Here's how mine went.

In what shape will your world be created? Shape Circle (some one's brain wasn't working)
What size? 2x the size of earth (later I was asked why - I will explain below)
What colors? Red, black, blue (makes for a creepy world, but those are my fav. colors)
How many moons? 3
How long are the days? 24 hrs - if it ain't broke...
How long are the years? 472 500 days (changed to accommodate the Sabbath day question)

How long is normal human life? 112 years

What are 3 unique features of your world?
  1. Miniature dinosaurs - so small people could have them as pets

  2. Desserts don't affect people, they just taste good

  3. (Left it to come back to and ran out of time)

What size will your humans be? Tall - short people got no reason to live...

What colors will your humans be? All different colors - just like here

Every X number of days will be the Sabbath. 5 days

How many per year? 100

Describe the Devil who will inhabit your world. Purple with black, wavy hair and little baby horns on his head.

What will be the ultimate purpose of your earth? Find happiness

I was asked the size of my planet so I answered 2x the size of earth (which I picked for no particular reason) I was asked why '2x' and I said, "Because on my world there will be miniature dinosaurs for pets and we'll need all the room we can get."

I wasn't the only one with weird answers...just so you know. One guy said we'd be able to ride dragons on his world. I think my world and his world should get together for a play date some time.

So - what would your world be like?

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Isaac said...

Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog! I love that show so much :)


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