Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm not two-timing. I never one-timed!*

Saturday a group of us went hiking. We chose Old Rag. I remember hiking Old Rag when I was an awkward, overweight teenager - so I figured it wouldn't be so bad now that I've at least lost a few pounds (yup - still awkward). I was still nervous though - I am fairly certain that the last time I went hiking was Mt Temp in Utah...a decade ago. My fears were not satiated when my friend said she was advised not to join in on this hike since it was going to be really hard. Even worse was when we went to pay for parking and there was something that said it was a very difficult hike. But - I was already there.

Our friend, Zach, has a gnome he likes to take adventuring with him. I feel it's like the Travelocity gnome that goes all over but I have never asked to confirm. When we first got there Kami decided to use the lovely commode and I decided that she should see a gnome when she came out.

She was pretty surprised.

We took a before picture in case any one of us didn't make it back - we would know what they were wearing.

Whenever I look at this picture I start singing, "We're off to see the wizard!" I don't know why.

Zach also has a thing for tall ladies. He can't help himself. When Kami shoots him down he comes for me. He was a little downhearted because I am seeing someone now, so he asked if he could at least hold my hand and get a picture of it. Then he told me that he never loses...meaning, he'd "win me back".

Random pit stop:

Making a fire.

Would have been nice if this were the extent of "difficult". We asked someone who was heading down if we were almost to the top and he gave us a sad little shake of the head.

And this is where the fun begins! It's about a 16 foot drop into this little crevice. You can climb down of course, I wouldn't recommend just dropping - that would be stupid.

Not long after the drop - Christan decided to have some alone time and eat his lunch. I think he was looking for some solitude - but this hike ranks "0" on the solitude scale (no seriously, it's on the website)

I was supposed to look stuck - but you can't tell from this angle how close the rocks are.

This may show it better.

Zach and me - my favorite part is the three people from our group in the background - what are they pointing at?

It was so cloudy - of course a thunderstorm was also moving in.

We did it!! Our group got divided up several times (First with Christian hanging back to eat lunch, then Zach and Ben went ahead. Kami and her Ryan separated. I stayed back and helped Maddy through the rock tumble (which I am in love with and I seriously want to go do it again and SOON!) and then we slowly got back together. Christian caught up to Maddy and me and then we caught up to the other four. We got caught in a rain storm on the way least I could say I was soaking wet because of rain rather than sweat...but it was no bueno for my poor little toes. I skipped taking a picture because I didn't want to pull away from the beauty of the hike.

I do want to point out that not only did I make it - but I didn't struggle (sorry this is an issue of pride because Zach was concerned that I wouldn't make it...) It's these long legs, they helped so much during the rock tumble - plus, my experience with rock climbing walls helped as well.

I can't wait for the next hike!


J, K & L said...

while you were sleeping? sounds familiar but not sure.

i heart old rag. mostly b/c i remember that trip solely for you & me finding a ginormous tree to use the bsnyo & us giggling the whole time. so i'm kind of jealous there are port-a-potties now...

Martha said...

While You Were Sleeping

Martha said...

OK, now I have read your post. I hiked Old Rag as a teenager, too! An awkward, bone thin teenager. I hated every minute, except the top. That was cool to see everything. But, I wouldn't do it again. You are brave, very brave.

Joanna & Ben said...

I loved hiking old rag...when I was younger...still a pretty view though.

Marissa said...

Count me in! I'd love to hike with you :)

Yes... this is me inviting myself.


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