Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wow, that was just like "Carrie"! I thought she was gonna kill us all. *

Dear Friends (mostly Mur who just wrote on my Facebook wall and while I got an e-mail notification,

I am alive. And now famous because I survived an earthquake. Just kidding. But seriously. That was crazy! So here are some news articles:


And here is my story:

I came into work thinking nothing exciting would happen. Not long after sitting down at my desk one manager came over to inform me that his pregger employee was having her baby today. That was exciting - then I went back to work.

I was working on payroll today, so I was sitting at my desk when my workstation started to shake. At first I thought someone was barreling down the hallway and wondered who would be and why they would be running down the hallway like that. Then I realized it wasn't someone running so I thought maybe a delivery guy was storming through the hallway with his delivery. When it got louder and my workstation was really shaking I thought for a second that there was construction going on on the floor above but I quickly (and finally thought), "Oh my goodness, I think this is an earthquake!"

I am proud to say I kept my nerve. Which is why I am also pretty certain that I will die in a natural disaster because even though I knew an earthquake wasn't normal my first thought was, "Don't overreact." Looks like denial is a pretty big part of my life. Anyway. We evacuated and hung out in the parking lot for a while and then we came back into the building.

My legs felt funny and it felt like the building was still moving but I knew that it wasn't. So - that's my day - lived through an earthquake (a 5.8 - 6.0 - I've heard the whole range).
Just a pic of the epicenter, it was in Mineral, VA which isn't too far away from here (about 30 minutes which is almost the same distance from my house to my parent's).

So - how was your day?


J, K & L said...

*never been kissed?

you guys have all the fun. or, another response...

some people will do ANYTHING to get out of work. ha.

glad you guys are okay. we couldn't get through to our parents for awhile, which i think was more freakish than anything. random natural disasters in va...

Sarah said...

*never been kissed

glad you survived the quake!

Meggan said...

thats a pretty good sized earthquake! yea it's weird feeling and I also, kinda just sit and think...huh we just had an earthquake. :)

Vanessa said...

An earthquake on the east coast, how crazy, right? I thought my building was collapsing. Awesome right? I've never experienced an earthquake so that thought didn't even cross my mind when everything was shaking. So crazy! Glad you are okay!! Now to prepare for the hurricane... 8)


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