Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.*

Dear Blognions (minions who read my blog).

I apologize for the delay in writing a blog post. A lot has been going on and a lot less time has been available to write. PLUS - I wanted to have pictures for Tami. I am trying Tami, I really am. But alas, my computer has decided to not wake up. Yesterday afternoon I finally got some pictures on to my computer and then it froze, so I turned it off and back on and I got nothing. Last night when I got home I tried the same and it either froze or after logging in the screen stayed black (as long as it isn't blue I'm not too worried). This morning - the same. So I'm a little frustrated but still hopeful that not all is lost. All else- I will open it in safe mode tonight.

So - the point is - I'M SORRY TAMI! There will be no pictures in this post, but if you're lucky (more so if I'M lucky, there will be a post with pictures tomorrow).

As is though, I am having a bit of an idea famine. As you guys know, I like to write. It's the what to write about that gets me sometimes. As much as I know you guys love to read about my strange obsession with sharks and squirrels, I am interested to know if there is anything you want to know.

There is a game I love to play because it gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush - mostly because I am a pathological liar and this game makes me be honest. It's called, "truth or truth". My roommates and I used to play this all the time in college. Basically, you ask a question and the other person has to answer it honestly. If you guys want to play, you can post a question in the comments and then I'll do a post where I answer all of them.

That seems a bit egotistical to me, but seeing as how I write the blog I suppose I would have to be the one the questions are directed towards (plus, I really do like this game). ...and I lack the creativity to come up with something to write about. There, I admitted it.

So, questions, opinions, suggestions, etc. In the meantime - here are a few of my favorite things.*

  • Potato chips that are folded over

  • When my niece says actual words (like "ball" or "eyes" - now if only she would say my name!)

  • When you are driving in a rainstorm and you go under and overpass and it's quiet for a moment and then the rain hits again when you come out the other side (that one is hard to explain - we'll have to go for a car ride in the rain together for me to show you).

  • Frisbee

  • Having good, deep conversations with friends

  • Inside jokes

  • Quoting Mega mind with my roommate

  • Spending time with my family

  • Teaching (it's the adrenaline)

  • Yard work (If and only if you can see the difference afterwards)

  • Rearranging furniture

  • Warm food (preferably made by someone else)

Okay - that is all for now, I'm going to attempt to go back to productive life.


Amber Lanae- said...

I have missed your post. I thought you should know that I check daily for posts from you. Are you sure you don't want to come to Texas?

AuntKatween said...

I love curled up chips too! And I also love that quiet part in a rainstorm:)

Martha said...

I love the dark french fries, as long as they are still soft.

I like curled up chips, especially if they are Ruffles.

I love driving under the overpass and that quiet moment before you are back in the rainstorm. I know of what you speak.

I feel a rush of adrenaline when I cross a railroad track, even though I checked to make sure no train was coming.

I love chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. I love when you take them off the cookie sheet and put them on the cooling rack. They get "grill marks" on them.

Anonymous said...

Miracle Max, The Princess Bride

Anonymous said...

Oh, and The Sound of Music. Do I get double points?


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