Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I wouldn't say I've been missing it.*

At work we have a recognition program.  Employees can write an e-mail to our recognition inbox and then I post the nominations.  It's a neat way to recognize when someone does something nice for you or does a good job on something.  I have recognized one person before - that is until last week.  I posted a recognition for our CEO on Friday because Thursday afternoon, when I was outside with my co-worker pulling heavy boxes from my car to a cart to bring inside, the CEO came over to see if we needed help.  He just happened to be outside and no one else was outside, but still, he didn't have to come over and he did.  He immediately started to grab the cases of soda and put them on the cart and then he even insisted on pushing the heavy cart inside (I have a good idea of how heavy that cart was because I was pushing it around Sam's club).  I don't know of many companies where the CEO will help to do the grunge work (heck - I can't even get some of my coworkers help to do grunge work when it's their job!).  So I wrote up a recognition for him.  I will be honest, I was really nervous about posting it.  I didn't want to come off like I was playing some political game or trying to gain something from recognizing him - I just want to say thank you while letting everyone know that he is just a great guy to work for.  So I waited until Friday to post it because I had my coworker read over it a few times for me.

I was out of the office Monday and Tuesday so today is my first day back, and to be honest, I'd forgotten all about it.  I was sitting at my desk and one of the manager's comes up and says, "I've got to tell you, I wish I had come up with it first. Excellent idea." I stared at him for a moment and finally said, "what idea?"  He then started to tease me about the recognition (he teases me about everything so this is nothing new).  We joked back and forth because I honestly have nothing to gain from it, so I gave him a hard time that he hadn't thought of it sooner, since it would profit him far more than me. 

Then I got to find out what the CEO's reaction was to the posting.  His assistant told me a few minutes ago that she didn't notice the posting until Monday and when he walked by her desk she said, "Oh, congratulations on your recognition." he asked what it was for and she told him that I recognized him for helping me and he said...."I'm going to kill her!"


So, my coworker comes down and interrupts a meeting between my boss and another coworker and says, "I just thought I should warn you that one of your employees has had their life threatened by the CEO".  They all laughed about it and then she goes back to him and says, "I hope you don't mind, but I reported you to HR."

I told her that I would be avoiding her area now, a man like that can make a person disappear. 

Seriously though, he wouldn't kill me, he just doesn't like that kind of attention I guess.  It was just an interesting (and scary) knee jerk reaction.  I mean, the guy took out a baby squirrel once (see THAT story here

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Marissa said...

There's nothing wrong with political games :)


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