Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long time watcher, first time writing....*

My week in pictures -

Sunday we had dinner at my parent's house for Ryan's birthday.  To mark this fine occasion we made him cook his own food...but we gave him a cake!

Don't hurt yourself kid*

Monday was Ryan's actual birthday and I got him tons of little gifts and a bloody lip.

 That's right, I said a bloody lip.  Don't feel sorry for him - he was tickling me - he deserves it.  I also took him to Olive Garden for dinner.

Tuesday was "my holiday" as Ryan put it.  I wanted a burger so we went to Home Team Grill.  It happened to be half off burgers day too (yum - my favorite)

Then we went and got Cold Stone ice cream for dessert. 

Wednesday night I couldn't decide what to cook for dinner so I decided to do breakfast for dinner.  Always a favorite and always popular.  I made Ryan's "breakfast" a little happier than most.

We also hung out that evening after my visiting teaching appointment.  Kami got a cute stuffed animal from her friend for V-day and Ryan decided it was a good place to rest his glasses.  I think it makes the little pup look stylish.
Thursday Ryan gave me my Valentine's Day gift - a dozen red roses.  Le sigh.  I love them.

Friday night we had a basketball game -(we lost - but had fun). Then we went to the Bishop's house to hang out.  Patty showed us the piano - it's the kind you put the roll of paper in and then you push pedals and it plays.   We started out with Michael Jackson and moved on from there.  Marissa was very excited...

Ryan did pretty well and Marissa got into the music.

Saturday I had a jewelry party and ward activity.

At the jewelry party I found out that Liz reads my blog! It took a little coercion but I was able to talk her into taking a picture with me.  We are actually wearing jewelry from the party!  I offered to sign something for her...but maybe next time.

Today we got some snow. It was scary driving home in it, the roads hadn't been plowed, but I made it! Yay!

Anyway - that's my week in photos (with some long captions)!


Lacee said...

Is that the Lebanese flag I see on Ryan's apron?

J, K and L said...

i think the dog looks smarter, somehow. (but maybe that's because i wear glasses/contacts...)

i cannot. believe. you. got. lizzie. in. a. picture!!!! two of my most favorite people in a picture. i heart it.

i laughed when i saw the bloody lip. i had forgotten how ticklish the donbrosky gals are.

glad you are well. you are so pretty, jess...

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Lacee - that IS the Lebanese flag on his apron. It's from the Lebanese food festival, my mom's family pretty much runs that thing :)

Katie - I didn't realize how difficult it was to get her in a picture, I totally consider myself lucky :) And privileged that she reads my blog (and that she thinks it's funny!) And Ryan will not soon forget how ticklish we are :)

Marissa said...

Alternate title of this post: "Marissa is hilarious." You are welcome.

Marissa said...

Also, It's good to see you around. We should do that more often :)

Anonymous said...

Don't know the title quote, but the little captioned one is from Finding Nemo. :)


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