Wednesday, March 28, 2012

'Cause I know the fat guy's gonna have a heart attack if we don't eat again soon.*

I'm sorry I haven't really written anything lately.  I am doing stuff, I'm even taking pictures to post (cause Tami won't read it if there aren't any pictures), but I've just been too tired I guess, or lazy, or something.

So here is a quick update

1.     I'm alive.
2.     Spring is here!  And not a moment too soon! I was really getting the winter blues.  Tonight we are going to try and play Frisbee after several MONTHS of not playing.  We would have done it, the winter wasn't too bad, but the park tore up our field and we couldn't find another with lights so that we could play once the sun set (which happens early in the winter).  The field is rumored to be, I'm excited.
3.     We had a St. Patty's Day pancake breakfast, followed by soccer (pics to come)
4.     My friend, Jim (who is getting married), had a roasting (I only have a picture of Jim setting fire to his lawn...which seems the most appropriate photo for the occasion anyway).  A roasting, for those who don't know, is when you have a guest of honor and you tell embarrassing stories about them.  Only thing is, Jim doesn't get embarrassed, so we all just shared our crazy adventures we had with him...I'm going to kind of miss him when he moves to Australia.
5.     I got my tires rotated and my oil change, visited a friend who was in an accident during the February 20th "snowstorm", and Vivienne introduced me to the sweetest (pun intended) candy shop in Short Pump.
6.     I saw Hunger Games and realized that I am way too critical - even when I like a movie.
7.     The 10k is this Saturday and I think I can make it halfway before we'll see how that goes.
8.     I'm excited for General Conference (also this Weekend).
9.     I'm having a jewelry party this weekend, hosted by Mary Carmen...If you'd like to come it's at my house on Saturday night at 7:30.
10.  And last but not least - I gave my mom the first ten pages of my story and my query letter.  She has read over it and we are going to discuss (which actually makes me nervous...p.s. I was more nervous handing over the info to my mom than at the thought of sending it in to a literary agent).  After our discussion I think/hope I'll be ready to send it (depends on what her suggestions are) on Monday.  Gag.
So - that's my life at this point.  I hope to get back in to blogging soon and regale you with all my crazy adventures.  This weekend certainly seems like it would be a good one to jump start me.


Sarah said...

the wedding singer. great movie!

The Ottley's said...

There were no pictures.... But I read it anyway... Because I like you.

Elaina said...

if there are no photos then it's just a diary. that's what my sister says, anyway. and you know who writes in a diary? ginny weasley and tom riddle. the end.


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