Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I just want you to feel you're doing well.*

I've been pretty sick this week.  I was thinking that the rest of 2012 wouldn't be so bad after spending a little more than 50% of January sick.  But apparently 2012 is making up for all the years that I haven't been sick.  I went to Ryan's for lunch on Monday and fell asleep.  I was thinking I was tired because of the time change, but this was a bit much.  I had eaten breakfast that morning but felt as though maybe that was a mistake.  I slept at Ryan's until 4 (he had already gone to work) and then called in to work to let them know what happened to me, and went home to sleep some more.  Ryan came over between "shifts".  He came to eat dinner with me, but I made him eat alone, I couldn't do it.  So - while he ate in the kitchen, I hugged my toilet in the bathroom (go ahead - that means more than just hugging it).  I rested and drank liquids (Ryan is a liquid Nazi when I am sick - I finally got him to stop last night when I threatened to throw up on him). 

Anyway - point being, I have been away from the office for a bit.  I came to work this morning and had a few voicemail messages.  One was from Dumbledore himself! He was letting me know that I had been accepted into Hogwarts and that they sent my paperwork by owl. He gave me details about the train leaving and the platform number too...(This is no joke folks, this message went on for two minutes like this). 

I was tickled pink!

I kept trying to figure out who it really was though, because for one - I'm much too old to be attending Hogwarts and two - it seemed that they were never going to let me know and I was beginning to think that Hogwarts was the whole point of the call.  They finally revealed themselves and gave me the real issue for why they were calling.

Later, this same employee stopped by my desk and I told him my owl hadn't come.  He told me I couldn't trust Dumbledore and that he (Dumbledore) was a liar.  I checked to see if he (the employee) had gotten his issue resolved and we talked about that for a minute and then he said, "your owl's not coming." I told him that was the worst news I had heard all day.  He said not to be ashamed, I'm just a muggle, most of us are.  It didn't help to ease the disappointment though.

It's little moments like this that just brighten my day.

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Anonymous said...

THE PRINCESS BRIDE!!! Oh yeah, racking up points! (though I do hate for my opponents to go out on bad odds....)



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