Thursday, March 1, 2012

Then you rub some salt in 'cause that makes it taste nice.*

There is a road in Richmond which I absolutely despise.  It's called Parham (pronounced Pair-um).  I consider it the Bermuda triangle of roads. 

If you want to get somewhere quickly, you'd better find an alternate route.  Parham's light system seems to work against healthy traffic flow.  The lights will be green while no one is there and then it's as though they can sense a car or a group of cars (let's be honest, it's always a group of cars on Parham) and then the lights turn red.  Parham is where my road rage rears it's ugly head.  I can leave with what I perceive to be plenty of time and still be late.  Any other route and I would have been on time.

I tell you this because yesterday I needed to get to the courthouse to pick up my notary commission (for work).  I left the office at 4 and though the courthouse is not far - did not make it in time to get up there for the 4:30 closing of the clerk's office.  So this morning I left a little earlier and got on to Parham from Brook road.  From Brook to the Courthouse there are 8 lights - 7 of them were red.  Not all were red at first, I could see them from not too much of a distance and then as we got closer it would turn yellow, then red.  Others were just red when I got there.  None turned green as I approached. And yes...I counted how many lights there were and how many of them were red...I needed evidence that I wasn't just crazy.

Anyway - March is National Nutrition Month...
I bet you didn't know that.  I didn't either until I logged on to my computer at work and saw that I needed to post the monthly wellness posting to the company intraweb - I like to add pictures to these postings because otherwise you just get a white space with a red 'x' in it.  So I googled this image.  I find it kind of funny that nutrition month has a drawing of a dead fish...maybe no one else sees it that way because fish are so "good" for you (not a fish fan here). 

For nutrition month I have decided that I will go ahead and give in to peer pressure and try out a veggie - just one mind you, no need to go overboard.  But some friends are concerned that I don't eat vegetables, so what better time to appease them than nutrition month??  So...since I don't really eat veggies (unless you'll let me count corn and even then - I don't eat that often) what do you recommend I eat this month?


Martha said...

Green beans. I love green beans. Plus, I believe it is 0 points on Weight Watchers, which means they must be SO good for you.

Elaina said...

Little Mermaid. And carrots.

Stephanie Garr Adams said...

So we got some kale the other day in our vegetable box and I've never had it before. But we made these kale chips and they were pretty good. All you do is wash, cut them off the stems, put them on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with olive oil and salt (we like sea salt,) and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. Nice and crispy and tasty. Might be worth a try.


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