Friday, March 23, 2012

I got bangs! my hair is so now!*

(Not really, but the quote seemed to work for the post)

So, I cut my hair.  And by that I mean that I took scissors to my hair when I got out of the shower last night. Don't be frightened, I've been doing this for years.  But I typically do a trim to soften the edges or to get my layers back or something.  Last night I needed a change but nothing too drastic.  So I grabbed a chunk of hair and randomly cut, that then became the standard for how the rest of the hair would be cut.  Then I also tried to give myself some bangs - but I got scared because bangs always look awkward to me at first so I was worried I wouldn't know if it's because they were done right or because I did them wrong (you know?).  So I ended up with half bangs that hang off almost unnoticed to the side. 

Anyway - so this morning I straightened my hair and came in to work.  I honestly didn't think that I cut it enough to notice, mostly because I've just been pulling my hair back lately, but one girl walked by and stopped:
Girl: I like your hair!
Me: Oh, really? Thanks.
Girl: Yes, you know I didn't think I would like your hair cut, but I do.
Me: Huh? You've thought about me cutting my hair?
Girl: Well, yeah, it was getting so long.
Me: Um, ok.  Thanks!

Then Pam came over and she noticed, I didn't think she would because she says she's observant - in fact, she said that she noticed these things the day after I cut and dyed my hair once and I kept thinking, "not THAT observant..." because she didn't even notice.

Then Wanda, having heard enough about my hair cut because she sits behind me, came over and was talking about one thing and then flipped my hair up and over my head.  I don't think you understand, this is not how we act together.  So I laughed and was like, "what are you doing?" and she said kept flipping and said, "it's so much easier to do this now." And I said, "You've never done this, I didn't think we had this kind of relationship."  So lesson learned: haircuts fortify friendships.  I mean...who wouldn't want to touch my hair?

So - I took a picture.  I really don't notice a difference and as you can tell, I feel a little silly taking a picture of myself on my phone at work...But whatever, you needed to see it.


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Very close - but no cigar. I find the two movies somewhat similar.


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