Monday, August 20, 2012

If you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspicion... love actually is all around*

I'm a little behind with my marriage post for the week - I was out of town this weekend.
I'd like to introduce you to Larry and Sandy Willis.  Larry was my bishop for most of my formidable years (trust me - it feels weird to call him Larry and not bishop).  Sandy was one of my Young Women leaders.  Both of them have had a big impact on my life and on who I am today.  If it weren't for Bishop Willis - I'm not so sure I would have stuck it out with Seminary (I still think he fibbed when he told me that I said I was going to graduate seminary - I have no recollection of that - but it was a challenge nonetheless).  Sandy has been influential with helping me to forgive people who I feel had wronged me (and there have been a lot over the years).  I'm grateful for the two of them for all that they have done as well as for their willingness to fill out the survey.

I'm afraid I do not have pictures for this one - Tami...I hope you'll still read.

Larry and Sandy knew each other for five and half years before they were married.  They were apart for almost four of those years but during that time they wrote and kept in touch weekly.  Sandy asked, "is that dating?"  They were both 22 when they got married and have been married for almost 34 years.

Thoughts on Dating

What is the hardest part about dating?
Saying Goodbye.

What was your favorite part about dating?
Fun, getting to know each other, finding out what love felt like.

How did you meet?
Our senior year of high school.  Larry was the new boy at school and we had three classes together.

What were some qualities in your spouse that attracted you to them?
Sandy - Spiritual, fun, had a lot in common, handsome, athletic


How long were you engaged?
We were engaged for about 2 1/2 months

How did you know you wanted to marry each other?
Sandy knew after she saw Larry after his mission.  There was a strong spiritual attraction.

Did you have any reservations?
None whatsoever.


How do you make big decisions?
Talk, listen, talk, listen, talk

How do you work through disagreements?
Talk, listen, talk, listen, talk

What is something you weren't expecting in a marriage?
To learn so much about myself and discover how much I needed to improve.

What is your favorite part about marriage?
Having a husband as a best friend.

What kind of things do you do to keep the "spark"?
Friday night dates are a priority


Do you have any kids? How many?
Yes, four boys.

How do you meld two different parenting philosophies?
Actually, our parenting philosophies were very similar.  But to meld them together would be to talk, listen, talk, listen, talk - most definitely away from the children.

What is your favorite part about parenthood? Least favorite?
The absolute favorite part is the love you feel for your children.  It is absolutely unconditional and it gives you a glimpse of what Heavenly Father's love is like.  The least favorite part are the challenges that come from discovering your own weaknesses through being a parent.  Parenting is a refiner's fire.

Do you have any advice for others (single or married)?
Have fun with your life no matter what stage of life you are in.  Don't take it too seriously.  There are challenges at every stage of life.  Be open and teachable to whatever it is the Lord wants you to learn.

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Vanessa said...

"talk, listen, talk, listen, talk."

I love this and I most certainly find that both of these are SO important in my relationship, both in making decisions and most certainly in disagreements! Communication is definitely the key!


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