Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm genuinely scared!*

I have a short attention span - I'm beginning to believe that other people to do. With that being said, I think I'm going to try and shorten my posts. 

I've been looking at other people's blogs lately, and by other people I mean those people who have a ton of followers and strangers who comment to tell them that their latest picture is really cute - or blogs with sponsors and stuff.  How do these people make those cartoon pictures of themselves? Anyone?  I want to be cartooned - I want to know how that is done.

Speaking of pictures.  You know I like my bruises and I feel it's been a while since I've shown you guys one.  So - here you go:
That's my arm (hard at work).  This bruise is from basketball.  I actually think it's looking better today.  I do like showing off bruises...but I like to show them off on my terms, otherwise people see me and think I am being beat up or something.  Since it's summer, this one is out there for everyone to see.


Amber Lanae- said...

**MEGAMIND!!! I finally got one!!


As for the shortening of your posts...don't do it. Your voice is to amazing to be stifled for the popular vote.

Thats just my opinion.

G Sauce said...

HOLY COW!!! How did that happen?

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Basketball - My pick was just too good - guy didn't see me there and smacked into me really hard.

AuntKatween said...



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