Thursday, August 16, 2012

Men like you are the reason I left Finland.*

I am going to try and revamp my blog here and there as I have time.  For starters - I decided to add an "About Me" page.  Because...people want to know about me.


I had a date last night.  There's back story here and I don't know if the back story helps or makes you judge me.  I guess I'll start off with this - he is officially the lowest I have gone.  There is an age difference of...eight years (oh stop it! I can feel your judgement!)  Ugh - no back story for you, you hater. 

So he got my number a few weeks ago and Tuesday night he randomly started to text me.  At first I thought the conversation was a bit odd, I mean, I'm old, he's young, and I kept thinking, "is this what a generational gap feels like?" but then it picked up and I got to see more of his humor.  I was laughing a lot throughout our textation and then he told me that he thought I was cool and he would like to hang out with me and I said in that case (him thinking I was cool) I'd be okay with that.  Then I guess he thought I was joking because he came back with he was going to be honest, he wanted to before he left for school (in two or three weeks) so I said that would be fine.  We made plans for the next evening (last night) and then talked a bit more and I went to bed. 

We had decided to meet at the restaurant for dinner and so we didn't talk again until he called because he couldn't find the place.  I was nervous - I'm not sure exactly what about (he is as low risk as they come) part of it was a fear of not remembering what he looked like - honest - how embarrassing would that be?

He got there and he came up and gave me a hug (which I learned this week is how you should start every date - it breaks the ice in a way).  The first thing that he told me was that he just realized he forgot his he wanted to know what we should do.  I honestly have never had that happen - but I have a friend who it happens to all the time so I wasn't sure what we should do.  So I did what any self respecting girl would do - I told him we were still going to eat and then I kept giving him a hard time about it for the rest of the night.  I also told him it was pretty smooth because he kept saying he would get everything next time - so it was a way to get a second date out of obligation and pay back.

There was nothing fancy to the date - we ate dinner and then walked around Barne's and Noble, throwing out book titles randomly into our conversation as we saw them.  B&N closed and then we just drove around and talked.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so much!  He was definitely a good sport about my teasing - cause trust me - I teased. 

At the end he asked if he could have a pity hug (because the night before I may or may not have set up a scenario where he was slow and could get pity dates and he wondered if he could get pity hugs and kisses too).  I gave him a limp fish hug (think the hand shake but with your arms) and then I laughed and tried to give him a real hug but he wouldn't hug back so I told him I felt like I just threw myself at him.  We tried again for a real hug and then as he was walking to his car he said maybe one day he could get a pity kiss and I laughed again and told him maybe if he bought me dinner (last jab at not bringing his wallet).

It was fun and stress-less and it's how I want all my dates to be - the best part is - I think I can have that.  If I do my part, maybe it will put them at ease, and maybe dating will actually be fun.  I don't know - I think it's worth a shot.


Lacee said...

When you said this date was "the lowest" you'd ever gone, I thought lowest as in, "criminal" lowest.

What a relief! :)

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Ha! Well - maybe you can have the back story since you are relieved :)

J, K, and L said...

i think those no-pressure dates were more my favorite anyway. go you, woman.

Amber Lanae- said...

*Confessions of a Shopaholic

2 weeks and I just might beat you for the 'lowest' comment.

I love you-absolutely love you.

G Sauce said...

Confessions of a Shopaholic!


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