Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Danny Devito, I love your work!

Sometimes I blame myself for product discontinuation.  Caramel Klondik Bars, Peanut Butter Twix, Dannon Raspberry yogurt (yes, I know it's still around - but I can't find them with JUST Raspberry, I find it sold in packs of four with blueberry - yuck), gingerbread man Ben and Jerry's. Green concealer (I had to throw in a non-food item).

The latest - some multi grain cracker I used to buy but stopped for some reason or another.  I've looked for them the last few times I've been at the store but they've either changed their packaging or are no longer made and the worst part is - I can't even remember who made them. 

I'm not in desperate need of any of these things and I can't quite explain why I think that I could have somehow stopped their demise, but I realized today that I do feel a little guilty.  It's probably why I buy double stuffed Golden Oreos and anything white chocolate every so often so that they know that someone out there appreciates this product. 

In other news - I randomly got the urge to find out whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan (maybe it's because "Rumors" came on my iPod...I mean...if I had that song on my iPod). 

She was apparently on Jimmy Fallon but didn't say a word and she's got some show or movie or something coming out on Lifetime (the victim network)....Liz Taylor...she will be Liz Taylor.

So then I looked up Lizzy McGuire (I know, I know, Hillary Duff).

She's a mom!

That's so crazy to me - but that's probably because I remember her as a little twelve year old.

I'm sorry to subject you to my random brain dump, my brain works in mysterious ways sometimes.

The other night I went out for tacos with 5 other people. We were evenly divided, three girls and three boys.  I sat across the table from the other two girls, with two guys sitting in the same row as me and one guy at the other end.  So in essence, we looked like two "L"s and I said, "this is cool, we're like two pieces fit together in a game of human Tetris". 

My friend laughed and said that she missed me and the way I think...I'm glad she appreciated it cause as soon as I said it I wondered if it was one of those things I should have kept on the inside...


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i love how random you put in words what most of us think about all day long!


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