Monday, November 19, 2012

You've got numb tongue?*

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I had the world's longest weekend! I wish that were a good statement I just made - but it was long as in, completely exhausting! Physically, mentally, emotionally, grammatically.*

I was debating whether or not to break this weekend up into several post - but I think I can condense it enough into one...mostly because I didn't take a lot of pictures and my writing, while long winded, can be shorter if I need it to be.

Friday started off with an exam.  I've been taking an Intro to Property-Casualty Insurance course and Friday was the final exam.  I was incredibly nervous - do you know how long it's been since I've taken an exam that matters?  I had taken a million practice exams online but I was nervous that I had focused on that information too much and that the final would be everything else that I had forgotten sicne beginnign the practice exams.  I started the exam, answered the first question and then from 2 to about question 10 I just kept shaking my head and thinking, "you dirty rats." I had NO CLUE what the questions were about!  I didn't even have a vague memory from class about what they were asking.  Things got a little bettwe 11-44 and then the last 6 questions I knew that I knew them.  So I was confident with 6 of them, and I could only miss I went back through and tried to develop confidence in A LOT more of them.  Then it came time to finally hit the submit button.  I held my breath, clicked the mouse and....I PASSED!  I don't know by how much - I don't care, it just said PASS. 

From there I went to the eye doctor for another test.  This time...I FAILED.  He said my prescription had gotten better, gave me a sample set of contact lens and I popped them in.  When I left the place I couldn't read any signs or license plates! NOTHING.  It was scary.  I put in my old contacts, which are, you know old, and fuzzy but I can read things more than 6 feet away.

Then I went to lunch with Chris and Nick and Nick's friend Scott.  From there we picked up Ruth's friend Ellen from the airport. From THERE Chris, Ellen and I went Sam's club to buy the food for the regional activity.
Where do we put the rest?

Then I went to Joanna and Ben's to hang out.  The kids danced to some classics like Queen and ACDC.  Here they are dancing to TNT - I love all of it.  If you hear a small motor running while Ava is dancing - that is Olivia, she came over to sit in my lap for the show.  The last second makes me laugh every time - watch to see why (it probably makes me a terrible person).

Then I went back to the boy's house for a huge birthday party.  Then home to crash.

Saturday morning I woke up to a very nice message from a friend which helped to improve my mood.  Then I went and ran the Munchkins Run(5k) with Arianne...that's two races in one week - go us.

Then I came home, at lunch, tried to get a little nap and realized that I was running out of time so I took a shower and went to a double baptism at church.  I left from the baptism to go to Kroger to get the last minute things for the dance and then went to Chris' house to get ready.  I got partially ready and then Chris and I went to the hotel to set things up.  From there I finished getting ready.
Chris and I playing around with the props while we waited for people to arrive.

The dance was a lot of fun! Ben informed me yesterday that I out-danced him, he just couldn't keep up. 
To be honest with you - dancing is like a drug to me and I don't remember a whole lot about the dance itself except that when we got to 11:57 I was super sad that the dance was almost over.  I had one more slow dance and I danced that with Scott - but I couldn't slow down - so it was a medium-speed dance.

Chris did a great job as the Regional Committee President (though he keeps trying to say he's the co-chair and that I'm the other chair).  Whitney set up awesome photo props for people to take pictures and Ben did a great job bringing the Jimmy John's sandwiches and dancing with me (his two responsibilities for the dance). 

Cam smelled GOOD

So Friday night I learned that my nephews know and love the song Gangnam Style and that Tommy thinks the words are, "Hey, Chicken Lady".  So when that song came on Spencer, Caitlin and I sang it special just for Tommy.  Here it is. (p.s You can see Nick getting down to the music right before the chorus - that makes us happy).

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Anonymous said...

I feel like the title quote is from Star Wars episode 1? Maybe?

*Grammatically is from Pirates of the Caribbean.



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