Tuesday, November 6, 2012

That's an interesting story where you revealed absolutely nothing about yourself.*

I voted this morning! That's the sticker they gave me - special just for 2012.  I expected a generic "I voted" sticker but they surpassed my expectations.  I thought it was funny when I was standing in line that they give us stickers. I had never thought about it before but the other night my friend said something about how she was going to vote so that she could get her sticker.  So when I was standing in line I began to wonder if that was the motivation for more people? I mean sure, your voice can be heard, but look at the cool sticker! And as an adult, you get to wear that sticker all day and no one thinks you're being immature, but rather patriotic. 

I almost didn't get to vote this morning! My license has an old address on it because the DMV decided that to save money they give you a card when you move.  A big, cumbersome post card that you have to carry around with you until you renew your license.  I lost that card about 4 months ago.  So the lady had me state my full name and address and then she was like, "do you have anything with that address on it?" Uh...yeah, that stupid postcard that is probably in my room somewhere.  But then I remembered that I paid my water bill yesterday and whipped that out.

I have one complaint and then I'll let you go for the day.  When you are looking at the ballot, and you've voted for the people, there are the little amendments and such that they want you to vote "yes" or "no" to - but they word them in such a way that I have no clue how to vote.  I read something and I'm like, "Yeah, I DON'T want that" but then I look at the buttons and I'm not sure if "yes" will keep that from happening, or if "no" is the key to getting what I want.  ...Does anyone else have a problem with these or is it just me? It's probably just me - like the time I surveyed people and realized I was the only one with a problem putting together IKEA furniture. Ces't la vie.


G Sauce said...

The sticker does motivate me but I didn't get a cool one like yours.

It is confusing when you are reading those amendents for the first time while voting for them. They are in law speak. The amendment you read is exactly what they want to adopt. You are saying yes to that language or no to that language. If that helps!?!?!

Martha said...

I wish they would mail me an "I Voted" sticker when I vote by mail, kind of like a confirmation of receipt of my ballot.


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