Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eyebrows, there should be two.*

You know what amazes me? Teeth.
Think about it, every other part of the body is held together, wrapped up in skin or growing out of said skin.  Bones, muscles, sinews all connected together.  Teeth? Hanging in there by roots, albeit pretty strong roots.  I should throw in here that it is not only that they are barely hanging in there, your hair does that too, but it’s that we use them to eat food, chomp on gobstoppers and other hard candy, to chew ice, open packages (don’t do that), untie knots, etc.  I don’t know what various and sundry things you people use your teeth for.
Of course now that I think about it, eyes might make the list too but ocular cavities give me the creeps so I’m not going to dwell on them.
It snowed yesterday.  I love snow. I don’t think I’ll ever lose the youthful excitement of seeing snow fall.  I remember once in college we were driving during a “snow storm” on this rural Idaho road.  It was nighttime so we had black sky above, black pavement below and white kamikaze snow pelting against the car.  My roommate, a native Idaho-ian, was driving my car while I sat shot gun.  We both watched the snow blowing into the car horizontally and almost at the same time we said, “Warp Speed”. 
Warp Speed

Snow at night
I think of this every time I drive into crazy snow (and I also realize what a nerd I am sometimes but it’s good to know I have fellow nerds on this journey with me).
Since life in Virginia shuts down when it snows, I went home from work and stayed there.  The only thing I had planned was canceled before the snow even started.  So I cleaned my room and ended up watching “Mirror, Mirror”.  It’s light hearted and I needed that because I got sucked into a crime show that I needed to stop watching because it was too graphic.  I just can’t get over those eyebrows. That’s the last face I saw before I went to bed last night – sad.

This morning I woke up to this:

Not too shabby but not enough to really impact my day.  Still had to work and didn’t even make a snowball.

And - random pictures of the snow all the way up on the window - which I thought was cool.



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