Sunday, January 26, 2014

Go, go away. Read some books.*

My sugar consumption has been out of hand lately. I mentioned this to Chewy and he agreed (I.e. Volunteered) to do Sugar Sundays with me. Last fall-ish I gave up sugar 6 out of 7 days a week and on the 7th day I rested from my sugar free lifestyle and ate as much sugar as I wanted. My family began to call it Sugar Sunday. Then around the holidays I fell off the wagon....hard. 

So Chewy and I will start on Monday. That means this weekend was a time to go overboard. Anything we thought of - we ate. Except we didn't think of much. 
Saturday we were headed back from D.C. and I saw a sign for Cinnabon. What better way to go out than a sugar coma induced by Cinnabon?!  

Chewy said he'd never had one. 

What. The. Mess?

That decided it, we HAD to get one! We took the exit and followed the signs, then looked for it.  And looked for it. Then we thought maybe it was inside another building so we looked for smaller signs maybe in windows but to no avail. 
We turned around and looked again (there wasn't much so we cruised on the main drag like a shark patrolling the waters for it's next meal). 

I was ready to give up but Chewy rebuked me for my lack of faith and fortitude. We both pulled out our phones and started searching. Certainly if there was one in the area our trusted Siri(s) would know where to go. But she couldn't find any. I went to their website and found two locations with everything the same except street number and city so I put that in the map and then the confusion commenced, we "arrived" several times but there was no cinnamon to be found! My phone died in the process, she was true until the end. Chewy said it best, "she gave her all and then it killed her." 

We finally decided that Cinnabon must have closed but the sign hadn't been just don't do that.  If it had been a McDonalds or something like that, no problem, they're a dime a dozen and we could drive another exit for one... but Cinnabon?! Seriously folks. 

We went to Wal-Mart when we got back to Richmond and we went by the ice cream to see if there was any Ben and Jerry's Cinnanmon Bun ice cream as a secondary desire

But in this we were also disappointed. We finally found some Archway Iced Oatmeal cookies. 

So at least it wasn't a complete disappointment. 

Now that I've made you crave sugar...wish us luck! 


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