Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm going to rip your guts out one gut at a time!*

About a month ago, one of the women in my writing group informed us of an opportunity to blog for a book publishing company in exchange for assistance on a work in progress.  I thought about it for longer than I should have and debated whether or not I thought I could write anything of worth to them.  Finally I decided to just send an email and get more information, I wasn’t committing if I just asked for more info.
When I didn’t hear back from them I figured that they found enough bloggers and I went about life like normal.  Earlier this week the Editor in Chief emailed me back.  She gave me more information and a couple ideas of what I could blog about.  I expressed interest in two different things and ended up with interviewing book bloggers.  It seems the least risky, I don’t have to put my own writing out there, I just provide information about other people.  I figure I can do that and then as I get comfortable, maybe I can branch out – who knows.  If nothing else, the Editor in Chief at Leap Books will know who I am.  I will be blogging one day a month for them starting in February. 
Wish me luck!

Oh yeah - and I need to right up a brief bio about myself...eek.  I may post here for opinions.

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G Sauce said...

I don't know what that quote is but it is very graphic and funny.

Make sure to tell all social media when your first article hits. We gots to get you lots of hits.


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