Thursday, January 30, 2014

Right on top of that, Rose!*

I tried to get into photography in high school, but as I think I have already explained about myself - I'm lazy.  I don't typically follow through on things or I get frustrated because they SEEM like good/fun ideas and then I get bored/tired/frustrated.

I think the way I paint is indicative of this.  I pick out a color and get ready to paint a room only to get bored before a whole wall is complete.  And that was just with my bathrooms.  That is how my hobbies end up - half done, almost complete, so close to finished that I should just finish them but...I can't find the motivation.

And that was high school photography class.  I wanted to be great and I wanted to be great right then and there without putting in the work.  As you can guess, I didn't do much photography beyond that class.

Last year I bought a fancy camera, more determined than ever to LEARN....and then I got frustrated because I wasn't great right away.  However, this year I am determined to get better.  Aside from being signed up for a class that starts next month, I am also doing a monthly photo challenge with my new work friend, Katy. 

For each challenge we pick our top 5 photos and give them to each other on a flash drive.  Then we each pick one of the other person’s photos and edit it in Light room – that way we are also learning the software. 

January’s challenge – the unnoticed.

I think I spent more time looking FOR unnoticed things than actually focusing on the picture taking skill.  The unnoticed is a difficult topic because I would notice things but wasn’t sure if it fit the bill.  Did other people notice these things?  Then I kept thinking that maybe the unnoticed is really the ignored or forgotten.  

So – here are my top five photos for January.

I don't know - like I said, it was hard to find the unnoticed, but it was pretty fun.  I took TONS of photos.  Here are some others that didn't make the cut.

Kind of hard NOT to notice this one

Not unnoticed/ignored, despite what he may say.  I just thought it was a good pic.  Isn't he handsome?


Jim Linton said...

My uncle went unnoticed for 17 years, until we realized he was dead in a bowl of soup. I'm not usually one for artsy photography, but I appreciated those, especially the posted sign with the foggy house in the background. It made me think of going on YSA visits. On a side note, I was thinking of your blog and I googled it while I was waiting for a ride. What came up was a link to a post from June 2012, that mentioned the Stalking Jimothy blog. That was an excellent online publication.

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Ha! One of the best - I should probably post it on here because I think it will one day be one of the classics that they teach in schools.

Are we talking about an uncle we share or one that we don't share? I wanted to go into the sewers to photograph our cousin but since you moved to the outback he's been getting plenty of notice from public officials and the sort. I think I wouldn't be able to find him even if I laid out some of his favorite crack, he might be headed your way through the transcontinental sewage line.

Christy Miller said...

Don't Tell Mom, the Babysitter's Dead!


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