Thursday, January 9, 2014

That would have been good to know YESTERDAY!*

I had the opportunity to finish off the year with Martha and Sadie (and Nora - but she's so quiet I forgot about her most of the time).  Our first day together, Nora had a doctor's appointment.  The reception area was lined with chairs and then there was a line down the middle, kind of dividing the room into two.  By the chairs in the middle, there was a fish tank.
 Sadie loved the fish tank and then she'd grab a book, command me to read and leave to go look at the fishes.

I went and sat down against the wall close to the side of the fish tank that Sadie  seemed to like the most.  Then this lady and her daughter come in and the girl comes directly up to Sadie and stares.  Sadie looks at the fish and I'm not sure she saw the little girl, at one point she may have and waved or something, but I remember the woman saying to her daughter as soon as she approached Sadie, "Don't touch her GiGi."

I didn't so much find this offensive as I did incredibly odd.  What kind of over protective mother was this?

We were called back and we left GiGi and mother in the waiting room, all alone like the mom seemed to prefer.  The doctor was uninteresting and long so I'll skip that part....except for the story about the squirrel family that sacrificed the beaver....

Not really, but I made up the words of the story as I went and Martha looked up and what I said matched the pictures so she asked, "Is that what it really says?"   Yes, awareness of squirrel bullying is on the rise and that awareness always starts with children's picture books.

Anyway - we come out of the back and Sadie goes straight to the fish tank, the left side of the room was full so I went to the right (where I was sitting originally when GiGi and Mom came in).  I sat down and waited for Martha.  When she came out she said, "You're sitting on the sick side"  ... Thanks Mart.  She said she didn't know before, but what we had missed when we originally came in were the signs that divided the room into "Well" and "Sick".  Because a line of chairs and a fish tank make all the difference with airborne illnesses.

At least GiGi's mom didn't seem so weird/rude to me now.

The rest of my time with Sadie went well. She pet a cat, we walked to 7-Eleven, played on the Baptist playground.


The Ottley's said...

Wedding singer!

G Sauce said...

I would have loved to have heard the JD version on that book!


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