Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And it's scented! I think it gives it a little something extra

In college my dad once told me that with me it's either my health or my car. I believed this thoughtology for a long time. Here's why...during college I had issues, I was accident prone and my cars were allergic to functioning properly. I can't remember in chronological order, but I will try my best.

  • The transmission in my Hyundai Excel died
  • I broke my foot and sprained my ankle
  • The rear view window of my hatchback was shattered (darn movie in the park!)
  • My car's engine went kaput
  • I sliced my finger open and needed 5 stitches
  • My car was totalled by an 16 year old repeat offender without car insurance
  • I got second degree burns on my feet

After that though things seemed to get better. I would like to thank my mom and my dad for all the financial support through those troubling times. I would like to thank my health insurance, worker's comp, and car insurance for making it all financially possible. Safeco insurance...I still hold a grudge for how you treated me.

Anyway, that wasn't my intent when I began this blog. I just wanted to fill you in on the adventures for today. I have decided that all things are now adventures, life is more exciting that way. Especially because today I got an e-mail from my B.L. asking me if I had a chance to look into something (the rest of the e-mail) but this is the first time I had seen the e-mail. My first reaction was one of severe can I look into something I knew nothing about? But then I decided that dealing with B.L. is an adventure. Scary, unpredictable, and leaves me crying for my some kind of whacked out roller coaster.

Again...not my intent. So today I take my car to the mechanic. I don't know why mechanics make me so nervous. Maybe it's because they speak a foreign language and therefore can take advantage of me. Also, I find mechanics difficult to understand when speaking to them on the phone. It's like they are under the car...all the time. They don't bother to enunciate their words, I am left wondering if they have used Mechaniese or if they have just mumbled English. I don't like to ask them to repeat themselves because then they just sound agitated. I made it through my conversation this morning though. I missed something in the beginning, I think it was something like, "As long as you have a car" when I asked if I could drop it off. Either way, it was a snide remark - it was either, "You can drop one off if you have one" or it was, "you can drop it off, but you should probably have a way to leave because we aren't getting to it today." I have a car, either way, so we are fine. I think once we established this we were off to a better conversation. I told him how I changed the battery, oil, transmission fluid, but it was still starting hard, so I wanted them to check the alternator and the spark plugs, oh yeah and I needed to have the serpentine belt changed. I think kind of speaking the language made him like me better. His mood steadily improved as we spoke. I feel good about this now. Now, as long as I keep this up when I drop of the car I can maintain their respect and avoid any unnecessary charges.

I can do this *Breaths deep* I can be an adult - the biggest adventure so far.



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