Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He was...Asian*

I recently set my blog to have comment moderation. I mean very recently. I don't know if anyone ever noticed but there was some Japanese or Chinese character (the name was really characters, or symbols) leaving inappropriate comments. Well, the comments were fairly neutral, it was the "...." link afterwards that was inappropriate. To avoid anyone accidentally discovering these comments before I had a chance to delete them I decided to protect my readers in advance. As much as I don't like comment moderation, I did it for the greater much as I don't like doing things for the greater good. Wow, I've really compromised my standards lately.

Anyway, the first post to be affected by this was the last post. I had written it and then eagerly awaited some comment from someone...even if only to get the blog bucks, but alas...nothing.

This morning I still had no word from anyone and was beginning to think that burning Doritos was a fairly unpopular topic. I signed into blogger with the sole purpose of writing another blog entry, something better, something amazing, something to cover the stench of defeat. But then I saw it, on the dashboard page, "7 comments need moderation". That was exciting. So I didn't get e-mails and comments weren't showing up on the blog...but they were there. I liked the bulk delivery and it truly made me feel loved.

As an add on to the last post, Elaina mentioned that we needed to date so that we didn't spend Saturday nights doing reckless activities. I told her that I wouldn't want to date someone that stunted my sense of adventure, but rather someone who would light that chip on fire and risk their own arm hairs so I wouldn't have to. Deep down I know Elaina wants the same thing, until then though, she'll have to do. Kidding, I meant she wants the same kind of person for herself...not that she wants me to replace her, but it would probably be safer for her if I did (but only in the reckless adventure arena).

So it's already Wednesday. As Tami reminded me last night I have 20 days until I head up North to O-HIO. I am excited...but I keep forgetting. That's how I am though when I travel. I know it's coming, but then life is so day-to-day (365 days a year...I don't have things like Spring Break, Summer Break, or Christmas Break to help...uh...well, to help break it up "redundant!" (said like Strong Bad when he says "Cerebellum!")) that I forget easily until someone says they want to do something and I realize I won't be here. But I am excited I just need to find my camera - I think I left it at my parent's house this weekend. Blurg.*


Sarah said...

Oh strongbad makes me happy! TROGDOOR!!!!

G Sauce said...

Why O-HIO and which part?

Elaina said...

why in the world would you go to ohio?!?

Lildonbro said...

Cincinnati (I think)...I need to get the address. Some friends and I are having a little mini reunion.

Sarah said...

I have a lot going on in April to "break up" the time so it's going by SO fast. We'll all be there before you know it. SOOOO excited (sung)


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